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My Brother Has Autism

A guest post by Maylene Klein

AngelSense My Brother Has Autism To our sweet Wally and Olivia,

At times you may feel the world only revolves around your brother. You may feel unknown and invisible, but to me you are your brother’s guardian angels on earth, even at a very young age.

You have learned about responsibility.


You’ve been advocating for your brother and all children with special needs – you are so passionate about promoting Autism awareness.

You are very loyal people and friends.

You protect your brother.

You guide and teach him.

You introduced him to your world, making it an easy transition for him.

You are selfless and always want your brother to be happy, not caring if you sacrifice your own time or enjoyment.

You are very caring, kind and sensitive people, not only to your brother, but to all those around you.

You celebrate with so much joy your brother’s smallest accomplishments.

Angelsense our brother has autism

You are patient teaching him how to do simple things like throwing a ball, holding a cup, redirecting him to do the right thing or helping him avoid getting hurt.

I can see already what an amazing adult you two will be.

You make our journey as parents so much easier, filling our hearts with so much joy as I see you two interact with your brother.

I am so proud of our strong loving family,


You two are truly Angels on Earth.


Love you,

Mommy & Daddy

After searching for a solution for her younger son Nicky – who was prone to wandering – Maylene found the AngelSense solution for her family. It gave her a great deal of peace of mind, and her enthusiasm for the company only increased – she joined the AngelSense team as a customer care specialist.

“AngelSense not only gives me peace of mind, it also gave my other two children their peace of mind back, being able to be normal children without worrying their brother would get lost. My son said to me the other day MOM NO MORE BAD DAYS JUST GOOD AND GREAT DAYS!!!”

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AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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