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What Do the Autism Colors and Symbols Mean?

Each April, we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month to shine a light on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and those affected by it. And as World Autism Awareness Day officially falls on Saturday, April 2nd, we aim to increase awareness about the autism spectrum – specifically the various colors and symbols and what they represent.

The Rainbow Spectrum

One of the most common color associations used to represent autism is the rainbow spectrum. Instead of choosing just one color, the range of colors inside the rainbow represents the scope of abilities and diagnoses on the autism spectrum – highlighting the variety of abilities and challenges each faces. It’s a beautiful notion that all individuals with autism are different and cannot be mirrored by simply one color. 

Light It Up Blue

The color blue, associated with calmness and acceptance, is the primary color designated for autism. Its popularity also stemmed from the worldwide Autism Speaks initiative, Light It Up Blue. On April 2nd, you’ll see a plethora of blue, as this campaign calls for people to wear blue in support of autism awareness. It has become a distinguished event with iconic world structures such as the Empire State Building illuminated blue. 

The Puzzle Piece

The puzzle piece, also made famous by Autism Speaks, is one of the most commonly recognizable symbols denoting autism. Typically rainbow-colored or solid blue, the puzzle piece continues to be an emblem for many well-known organizations, such as Autism Speaks. And even though it remains a strong advocate, other symbols that offer more of an inclusion feeling are gaining traction. 

The Butterfly

Although not as popular as the puzzle piece, the butterfly was created as an alternative to represent the beauty of diversity. The notion of the butterfly transforming into its beauty by emerging on its own time is mirrored by the continuing development of an individual with autism who develops skills and milestones on their own schedules. Every butterfly is different, just as each person with autism is too.

The Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is another alternative to the puzzle piece, often paired with the rainbow spectrum. It typically inspires the aspiration for inclusivity and integration into society for people on the autism spectrum. And diving further into the meaning of the infinity sign, it can represent a love of numbers, something many autistic people share. 

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