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AngelSense’s Biggest Life-Saving Events of 2015

angelsense helped find brett

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With 2015 behind us, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and feel grateful for those moments that make it all worthwhile. AngelSense had an incredible year filled with many priceless moments. We remain committed to making the world a safer place for kids with special needs, and look forward to an even better 2016.

As we turn back the clock and review the year that was, we realize we couldn’t have done it without the support of our dedicated community. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to you, the special needs parents. It’s time we celebrate the lengths you go to in order to keep your kids safe. We hope our GPS tracking device will continue to bring you the peace of mind you sorely deserve.

Here’s a look back at AngelSense’s biggest life-saving events of 2015.

1. Girl with Asperger Syndrome kidnapped and assaulted, saved by AngelSense

GPS tracking device helped save teen's lifeIn August, a 15-year old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome was lured into a car by a stranger. AngelSense immediately alerted the girl’s mom that her child had strayed from her usual route. The mom was able to use the app to find her daughter’s exact location, and she immediately got in her car and drove there.

Using AngelSense’s Listen-In feature she was able to hear what was happening to her daughter. The attacker was attempting to sexually assault her, but when he realized the device was a GPS tracking device which could only be removed by the child’s parents, he drove her back to her neighborhood.


Featured in NBC DFW; CBS DFW.


2. Boys with autism who are chronic wanderers now wear the AngelSense device to school

Parents use a GPS device to safe guard their sonsDayann and Brian McDonough’s sons with autism are chronic wanderers. In the last two years, the boys have wandered from home and school 14 times. It’s so bad that Dayann admits she hasn’t slept in her own bed for four years for fear that her sons will run off without her hearing. But that all changed when they started wearing the AngelSense GPS tracking device.


The boys now wear AngelSense everywhere, even to school. It’s thanks to the instance of parents like the McDonoughs and school-friendly devices like AngelSense, that the McDonough’s sons are now able to wear the GPS tracking device to school.


Featured in NBC New York; ABC7 NY

3. 17-year old with autism eloped and took a 7 hour night ride, saved by AngelSense

AngelSense used to save this boy's life

Using AngelSense, police were able to find and save a 17-year old teen with autism who eloped and spent 7 hours on the New York City subway. Since he was underground, the AngelSense team used cell phone tower pings to track him.

He was finally located at 3 a.m. EST, as soon as he stopped riding the trains and emerged from the Subway station. A truly feel-good story, and we’re happy to report that the teen is now safe and sound at home.


Featured in NY Daily News.

4. Brett, child with autism missing in woods, found safe

Amgelsense helps find brett

Earlier this year, police and a search and rescue team were able to locate a missing boy with autism using the AngelSense GPS tracking device. Using the app it took only 90 minutes to find the boy, and save his life. Without AngelSense, finding Brett would have been an impossible task.

However, thanks to the tracking device, the rescue team was able to pinpoint his exact location and in just over an hour police were able to find him in the woods. A moving story with an incredibly happy ending.


We’re honored to have helped these and many other families in keeping their children safe, and are determined to help prevent tragedies such as that of Avonte Oquendo from happening again. May 2016 be a safe year for all!

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for special needs children. Our cutting-edge GPS tracking and monitoring solution was designed to give parents the peace of mind that even if their children do wander, they’ll return home safely. You deserve peace of mind too. Join AngelSense Today.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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