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GPS Tracker Review by PCMag: “AngelSense is an amazing product.”

February 23, 2020 featured AngelSense in a thorough and independent review of GPS trackers for kids and had a lot of wonderful things to say. Pointing out that it is the only GPS for autism and special needs, their writer Sascha Segan says,

“AngelSense delivers the absolute maximum in tracking and safety for worried caregivers of children and adults with special needs.”

The AngelSense Pros

Here’s what PCMag listed as pros:

AngelSense is the safest tracker on the market with advanced safeguard GPS that provides accurate and reliable location updates. This wasn’t lost on PCMag who said,

“it offers a level of assurance and continuous monitoring we haven’t seen from any other similar tracker.”

Turning the Cons into Pros

They pointed out the pros and cons and we’re happy to report that our New 2020 Version addresses most of the cons. For instance, they point out the battery life which has been vastly improved to provide up to 48 hours of protection before needing to be charged. Our latest device is also much smaller and offers 4G LTE nationwide coverage. The monthly fee is a bit more expensive than standard trackers, but as they mention, this is due to the fact that you’re getting a comprehensive safety device made to prevent wandering emergencies. Other devices only provide simple tracking and are made for pets, typical kids, and personal items – they do not meet the safety needs required for more vulnerable children and adults.

PCMag AngelSense Review

Photo Credit: PCMag

Other Positive Mentions

AngelSense was the only GPS tracker they tested that is non-removable and sensory-sensitive – That’s because we’re the only one that actually offers wearing options for those with special needs. They also went on to describe our advanced safety and emergency features.

They were also impressed with the auto-answer voice features and comprehensive tracking history that are only available with AngelSense.

The Bottom Line

We couldn’t say it better than PCMag: “For caretakers of intellectually disabled or nonverbal children or elders… AngelSense is an amazing product. With its multiple different wearing styles, extremely comprehensive tracking, and listen-in option, it can give you some real peace of mind… AngelSense delivers the absolute maximum in tracking and safety for worried caregivers of children and adults with special needs.”

If you’re looking for the safest, most reliable GPS tracker for your loved one with autism, special needs, or dementia there is no better choice than AngelSense!

PCMag Review - Comparison Chart


“AngelSense delivers the absolute maximum in tracking and safety for worried caregivers of children and adults with special needs.” – PCMag

Learn More about the advanced safety features only available with the AngelSense device and service plan.


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