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Selecting your Device

GPS 1 is our recommended device, due to its smaller size and weight.
If you prefer our GPS 2 device, you can select it online, immediately after you complete your online purchase. You should select GPS 2 if Verizon has much better cellular coverage in your area compared with AT&T.
*Note: The cellular carrier for GPS 1 is AT&T, but your personal phone carrier does not need to be AT&T. As long as your phone is connected to the internet you can track your GPS 1 device via the AngelSense app.
Here is a comparison of the two AngelSense device models.
GPS 1:
Device cellular carrier*: AT&T and most carriers in Canada/UK
Size: 3.03 x 1.85 x 0.78 in
Weight: 2.3 Oz
Indoors search with Wi-Fi: No

GPS 2:

Device cellular carrier*: Verizon
Size: 4.31 x 2.32 x 0.47 in
Weight: 3.99 Oz
Indoors search with Wi-Fi: Yes

Additional Accessories can be purchased from the App 

From the AngelSense Blog:

Why Your Child with Autism Needs a BIGGER GPS Device 

Proactive alerts to routine deviations and providing consistent location updates in poor GPS and cellular conditions are indispensable features. Supporting these capabilities require enough power to sustain the device and can only be achieved with larger battery size and an equally accommodating device.

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