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Prepare Your Child with Asperger’s for Adulthood with These Career Planning Tips

Working in a kitchen can be stressful for people with Asperger's

Helping your child with Asperger’s Syndrome transition into adulthood can be challenging. There is so much to consider as you prepare your teen for independent living. While you can’t prepare for every eventuality, by helping your child career plan from an early age you can ensure your child has the necessary skills to make a valuable contribution to the workforce

Help Your Special Child Get the Most out of Nature-Based Play This Springtime

Fun spring activities for autistic kids

In the appropriate outdoor environment, your special child will have the opportunity to experience the world in a meaningful way. And what better time to do that than during spring. The important thing is to provide your child with a non-threatening structure to play and learn outdoors at their own pace and comfort level.

Help Your Special Child Cope Better with These Practical Sleep Strategies

Help kids with autism sleep

Sleep disorders tend to be more common in children with autism. It’s estimated that anywhere between 40% and an 80% of children with special needs have trouble sleeping. Other studies indicate that 83% of children with autism have some sort of sleep problem. Some of the most common sleep problems among these special children include difficulty falling asleep; restlessness and waking up frequently.

Kevin and Avonte’s Law Will Help Safeguard Children with Autism from the Dangers of Wandering

Law could save autistic kids

The AngelSense community is proud to support the newly introduced Kevin and Avonte’s Law, also known as S.2614. The bill aims to help families locate loved ones with conditions like autism which cause them to wander, and will help fund GPS tracking devices such as AngelSense. This new legislation builds on the Missing Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Alert Program, and includes support for people with autism.

Here’s How to Help Your Special Child Grow into an Independent Adult

Here's How to Help Your Special Child Grow into an Independent Adult

You probably think about your little one’s future more than you’d like to admit. But like most special needs parents, you don’t have the time to plan or entertain what-ifs and maybes. You’re too busy dealing with to-do lists and the reality of your child’s sensory processing disorder to think about their future. What will become of your little one?

AngelSense vs. Other GPS Trackers For Kids: Here’s What You Need to Know

AngelSense vs. Other GPS Trackers: Here's What You Need to Know

AngelSense is a comprehensive monitoring platform which also includes a GPS tracking device and a mobile app. The platform was specifically designed to cope with the core limitations of personal GPS tracker devices using advanced patent-pending machine learning algorithms.

Autistic Genius – What Do they Have in Common

What Genius and Autism Have in Common

There’s still a lot we still don’t understand about autism and how it impacts a child’s brain. And while advances in science have given us better insight into the brain networks disrupted by the disorder, many questions still remain. This is perhaps why mainstream media continues to perpetuate stereotypes and misconceptions about the link between autism and genius.

What’s the Difference Between AngelSense and the Project Lifesaver program?

The difference between AngelSense and Project Lifesaver

Some parents’ first instinct is to reach out to local law enforcement for a tracking solution to safeguard and/or recover their children in the event that they wander. The device I’ve heard parents speaking of in some cases is Project Lifesaver.

Want Your Special Needs Child to Grow up Happy? It Starts with You

Want Your Special Needs Child to Grow up Happy? It Starts with You

For many special needs parents, taking time out to breathe, reconnect and pamper themselves is a little known luxury. It’s easy and perhaps tempting to get caught up in the chaos of daily life where everything else is urgent except you. But you and your needs matter more than you may realize.

5 Tips for Special Needs Parents Planning a Trip to Disney World

5 Tips for Special Needs Parents Planning a Trip to Disney World

A trip to Disney World is a magical part of childhood, and something all kids should get to experience. Here are some tips for special needs parents thinking about taking their kids to the amusement park.

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