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Summer Sessions for Special Needs Students are Starting, Be Prepared

June 30, 2020

Special needs students across the country are returning to school after the long Coronavirus hiatus. This transition could be especially hard given the extended lack of social interaction, disruption of their routine, and that the school they go back to could look very different. Many kids with special needs, especially autism, find comfort in routine and consistency. This has made these past few months extremely trying. Going back to school and getting the support needed will be a relief, but the transition could be a bit bumpy.

Summer Sessions for Special Needs Students are Starting, Be Prepared

Safety During Transitions

Many parents have noticed unusual behavior due to the added stress and anxiety caused by the Covid-19 changes. The world is unsettled, so it’s only natural to expect our special loved ones to feel this as well. Many of our customers who don’t usually use AngelSense at home, have found that they have had to depend on it throughout the quarantine. Their children have displayed unexpected new behaviors and/or the return or increase in wandering behaviors. It’s an overwhelming time and it’s important to use all the tools we have to keep our children as safe as possible.

AngelSense helps to ease the transition by giving you peace of mind and also by providing the ability to check in with them throughout the day. Knowing you’re still there can be a huge comfort. It helps to discuss the changes in detail that they might experience upon returning to school, social stories are great for this. If they haven’t been wearing their AngelSense device we suggest adding it to their daily routine before school starts. This will also help you get into the habit of charging the device and gives you time to adjust your app settings and preferences.

back to school with angelsense

Back To School

To get ready for school review our School Guide in our help center.  You’ll find useful information on setting up your device and refresher on using AngelSense at school.

You can also read some blogs we put together in the past to help with back to school:

50 Back-to-School Tips from Autism Moms  and  How a GPS Tracker Helps with the Back-to-School Transition

We’ll be sending out a checklist to prepare everyone for back to school in the fall, but for those returning for summer sessions please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team with any questions or concerns you may have. Our moms have some great tips and are all expert AngelSense users.

Wearing Masks

You can also check out our new blog post with tips for helping special needs children with wearing masks – Helping Kids with Autism Wear Masks

Helping Kids with Autism Wear Masks

Accessory Sale

We are currently having a sale on all our accessories. Visit our AngelSense Store from your app for big savings on additional fasteners or parent keys, belts, undershirts, etc. The waterproof case and pouch are also on sale and perfect for the summer.

angelsense accessories on sale

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