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Parents to Autistic Kids Succeed in Having the AngelSense GPS Allowed at School

November 5, 2015

Parents to autistic kids succeed in having the AngelSense GPS allowed at school

A post by AngelSense, a GPS & voice monitoring solution designed for children with special needs.


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Dayann and Brian McDonough, parents of two kids with autism, recently succeeded in having the AngelSense GPS allowed at their sons’ school. We applaud them for this great effort. By making their child’s school aware of AngelSense’s special school interface and its collaboration tool for school staff, the child and all of its caregivers will benefit from a unique monitoring and alerting solution.

Photo Credit: Dayann and Brian McDonough. ABC New York

Photo Credit: Dayann and Brian McDonough. ABC New York

 Up until now, some  U.S. schools have been reluctant to allow GPS devices especially with voice capabilities for fear that they could violate other children’s privacy. But thanks to the work of parents like Dayann and Brian, and AngelSense that developed a unique interface for schools, this should no longer be an obstacle. Their tireless campaigning has forced schools and government bodies to acknowledge the importance of devices like AngelSense for special needs kids. In fact, the Board of Cooperative Educational Services has now agreed to allow the use of GPS tracking devices in schools.


A milestone worth celebrating

The significance of this can’t be overlooked. By allowing tracking devices in schools, thousands of parents around the U.S. are given the peace of mind of knowing that their kids are safe. The devices make it easy for parents to monitor their kids’ whereabouts during the day. This will not only help keep kids with special needs safe, but the hope is that it will prevent what happened to Avonte Oquendo from happening again.

In an interview with ABC New York, Dayann McDonough explained that she hasn’t slept in her own bed for four years as she’s terrified her son will run off and she won’t hear him. AngelSense and her fight to ensure her kids can wear the devices at school has changed that.

With a device like AngelSense, parents like the McDonoughs are able to see exactly where their kids are during the day. They receive notifications every time their child leaves a location. This includes arriving at and leaving school.

The device also offers a listen-in feature which makes it easy to track their child’s whereabout when indoors or when there is no GPS reception, and validate emergency situations. This was the case when a 15-year old girl from Texas with Asperger Syndrome was kidnapped, and her mother used the listen-in capability to understand that she’s in danger, locate her and save her life.

Dayann and Brian share more about their experience with AngelSense in this interview with NBC New York.



AngelSense is school friendly


Aware of some schools’ reluctance to allow tracking devices, AngelSense developed a special interface for school staff. This enabled pre-approved teachers to gain access to the location data as well as the ability to control the listen-in feature during school hours. For many schools, this collaborative approach made them more open to the idea of these devices. In addition, AngelSense is proactive in assisting and guiding parents who need support, encouraging their child’s school to allow the devices.


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This post is brought to you by AngelSense GPS and voice-monitoring.


AngelSense creates a safer world for children with special needs, with a wearable GPS tracking and listening device, a web app and smart analytics.


  1. Rudy August 26, 2017 at 3:10 am - Reply

    I need help. Our special needs child is not allowed to use the device at school. The principal said no to the device and did not even want to hear about the feature that allows them to turn off the devices listening capabilities. Now what? Is there an advocate for your device that can help out? Is there advice from others on what worked for them? At this point we are deciding to cancel service and sell out device to get one that only has the gps so it is allowed in our child’s school.

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