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Autism May 30, 2023

How to Get an Autistic Child To Keep Their Shoes On

A simple task that most parents see as an everyday

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Autism May 11, 2023

5 Ways to Encourage Communication with Your Non-Verbal Child

It’s estimated that as many as 50 percent of those with autism are non-verbal. This can make the challenges of parenting seem that much more daunting. When faced with this dilemma many desperate parents go in search of tools or strategies which they hope will give their special child a voice.

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Autism April 20, 2023

10 Things Not to Say to an Autism Mom

April is Autism Acceptance Month. In our society, we’re shifting

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Autism March 14, 2023

7 Strategies for Reducing Anxiety in Kids with Autism

It might show up as nervousness, anxiety or a full-blown meltdown. For children and adults on the autism spectrum, anxiety can exacerbate the stress of day-to-day living. Fortunately, there are strategies and tools to help keep the monster at bay.

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Autism November 28, 2022

The Truth about Autism and Sleep Problems

Ashley is just getting her coffee at work when the

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Autism October 13, 2022

Skeptic Mom’s Top 10 Guide to the Best Supplements and Vitamins for Autism

A guest post by Tammy Russell, an autism mom and

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Autism June 6, 2022

Helping Your Child with Autism Thrive

Having a child diagnosed with autism can bring about many

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Autism May 30, 2022

How to Create a Sensory Room for Autistic Kids

A sensory room for autistic kids is a designated room

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Autism April 13, 2022

Autism Acceptance or Awareness? Why Shifting Our Language is Important

Every year when April rolls around, Autism Awareness becomes a

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Autism January 19, 2022

Top 10 Gifts for Autistic Children

The holiday season is here! We, here at AngelSense, wish

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