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Want Your Special Needs Child to Grow up Happy? It Starts with You

Special needs moms need to take care of themselves

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Between caring for your special child, never-ending to-do lists and doctors appointments, you’ve probably forgotten about a little thing called me-time. Do you remember the last time you really treated yourself?

Tips for caring for autistic kids

You’re not alone. For many special needs parents, taking time out to breathe, reconnect and pamper themselves is a little known luxury. It’s easy and perhaps tempting to get caught up in the chaos of daily life where everything else is urgent except you. But you and your needs matter more than you may realize.

Being selfless doesn’t make you a better or even good parent. While it may seem admirable, neglecting yourself is a recipe for disaster. Being there for your special child and supporting them as they transition into adulthood, starts with taking care of yourself. Because let’s face it, parenting, while rewarding, isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes a well-rested, calm and centered parent to show up every day with understanding and a smile. Of course, there will be tough days, but making time for yourself will make the journey that much smoother!

We encourage you to indulge and make some space on your to-do list. To get you started, the AngelSense community put together these 5 tips to help you make some room in your life for your needs, dreams and ambitions.


1. Go zen

Yoga is a great way to de-stress and will help you become more patient when things get really tough. What we love most about it is you only need a few spare minutes and you can even do it from home. Here’s a 20 minute online yoga session designed specifically for moms.

And for moms looking to get out of the house, there’s no shortage of yoga studios. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one in your area. This will make it easy to slot into your day, and will help you meet other moms in your neighborhood.

Why we love yoga:

  • Just 20 minutes a day will make you smarter

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Improves mood

  • Has a calming effect

2. Find your happy place

Meditation is a powerful practice which can be done anytime, anywhere. There are many different ways to practice meditation, and like yoga it can be done without leaving your home. Also, the more you practice the better you’ll become at using it as a restorative tool to reduce anxiety and stress.

We use this guided meditation designed just for moms, to help us unwind and relax in under 10 minutes. Meditation can easily be incorporated in your daily routine without any hassle and the results are almost immediate.

Why we love meditation:

  • Results after a few 20-minute sessions

  • Improves emotional well-being

  • Increases happiness

  • Reduces stress

3. Let yourself play

Many special needs parents admit to giving up on their hobbies as soon as their kids are born. While you probably do have less spare time, this new chapter in your life doesn’t have to put an end to your interests and hobbies. In fact, hobbies can be very stimulating and are a great outlet for stress.

Research has also found that having a hobby can help reduce blood pressure, promote weight loss and improve overall well-being. For parents who’re looking to hit the ground running, why not try an adult coloring book? This is a low maintenance and deeply satisfying way to spend an afternoon.

Why we love hobbies:

  • Good way to meet other parents

  • Excellent way to de-stress

  • Lets you express your creativity

  • Helps boost self-confidence

4. Say what you really feel

It can be easy to overlook how your child’s disorder really makes you feel. And while a positive outlook is helpful, it’s important to have a space where you allow yourself express what you’re feeling. Giving yourself the time and space to process your emotions can be a very pampering experience.

There are many online forums and communities where you can reach out to other moms going through something similar. The AngelSense Community is always happy to listen. Don’t be shy, we understand what you’re going through.

Why we love support groups:

  • Safe space to process emotions

  • Helps you cope

  • Ideal way to meet other special needs mothers

  • Will expose you to other parenting strategies

5. Check out for a while

Parenting retreats are great way to bond with other moms who share similar experiences, while also giving you a break from your family. You may not want to admit it, but we all need a break and change of scenery from time to time.

These retreats will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges head-on. More than anything, a retreat is about injecting some good, old-fashioned fun back into your life.

Why we love parenting retreats:

  • Opportunity to bond with other moms

  • Will help you de-stress

  • Quality, uninterrupted me-time

  • They’re fun!

Do you remember the last time you indulged in some me-time? Tell us about it, and help us inspire other moms to invest in their well-being and happiness.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for special needs children. Our cutting-edge GPS tracking and monitoring solution was designed to give parents the peace of mind that their little ones are safe at all times. You deserve peace of mind too. Join AngelSense Today.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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