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Best Mom-Approved Autism Kids Toys for Autistic Children

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Finding toys to engage a child with autism can be challenging, but with a little patience and understanding, you’ll soon see how rewarding this can be. The key is to be sensitive to your autistic child’s unique sensory needs and to choose toys accordingly. For some kids with autism, the sound a toy fire engine makes can be too overwhelming, while another child might struggle with toys that have flashing lights. No two autistic kids are the same which is why it’s important to identify the stimuli your child responds best to.


Toys for autistic kids

In addition to being fun, and the ideal opportunity to bond with your child, toys are a great way to develop your autistic child’s language and social skills like sharing, cooperating and taking turns. For many kids with special needs toys play an integral role in helping them better understand themselves and the world around them. But always remember that your main aim should be to find toys that appeal to your child’s sense of fun and unique interests. The right toys will keep autistic children engaged for hours, and may even help them take in their surroundings.

We understand that choosing toys for children with autism can be tricky. To help you get started, moms from the AngelSense community put together a list of some of the best toys for children with sensory issues.

Chewing toys for kids with autism

It’s not uncommon to see children with special needs chewing on something. For kids with autism, chewing can help alleviate anxiety and is very calming. Children who are overstimulated also tend to chew as a way to deal with sensory overwhelm. Chewing toys are a great option for these kids, but be sure to seek out toys that are non-toxic and safe.

1. Bead chew necklace

Chew necklace for kids with autism - Autistic Kids Toys

This non-toxic, safe bead necklace is ideal for light chewers, and is suitable for babies and kids alike. The beads are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. Kids with autism and other sensory processing delays find chewing these beads soothing. The beads are fashionable enough to be worn by adults too and are easy to wash.



Why we love it:

  • Skills developed: Sensory exploration

  • Uses: Anxiety relief

  • Made from: Silicone

2. Bite bands


Autistic Kids Toys - Bite bands for kids with autism

Ideal for kids who like chewing cloth, these terry cloth bite bands help kids who need to chew in order to stay calm and focus. The bands are designed to absorb drool, keeping clothing dry even after hours of chewing. In addition to alleviating anxiety, these bands are a great way to exercise a child’s facial muscles to improve eating habits.



Why we love it:

  • Skills developed: Sensory exploration

  • Uses: Exercises facial muscles; alleviates anxiety

  • Made from: Polyester/cotton blend

Toys for toddlers with autism

When selecting a toy for your toddler you want to make sure it’s safe and engaging without being overstimulating. The toys we’ve selected also help with the development of a range of skills from social, emotional and cognitive to gross motor development. They can be used safely at home or in the classroom.


1. First Sound Blocks

Autistic Kids Toys - Sound block for autistic kids

This set of 14 sound blocks is ideal for sensory and tactile exploration. When a child shakes the blocks, they’ll hear a variety of noises. This is designed to stimulate a child’s auditory and motor skills. The blocks can be used for teaching cause and effect as well as hand-eye coordination.




Why we love it:

  • Skills developed: Auditory and motor skills

  • Uses: Eye-hand coordination, sequencing and more!

  • Made from: Natural sanded wood and non-toxic water based paint


2. Toddler Tote Developmental Toy Pack

Autistic Kids Toys - Development pack for toddlers with autism

This toy pack comes with everything you need to keep an autistic toddler engaged and stimulated. It consists of a combination of simple shapes and animal puzzle pieces that kids can use for imaginative play. The pack is ideal for developing fine motor skills as well as shape and color recognition. Included in pack is a guide with ideas for parents looking to develop a range of different skill sets.


Why we love it:

  • Skills developed: Fine motor skills

  • Uses: Shape and color recognition, sorting, matching, counting

  • Made from: Latex-free, washable rubber

Toys for teens with autism

The key to finding the best toy for a teenager with autism is to identify whether the child has any special interests like dinosaurs. It’s also important to keep in mind that the changes brought about by puberty can make this an especially trying time. Soothing or calming toys that can help alleviate some of this stress are always a good idea.

1. Weighted compression vests

Autistic Kids Toys - Weighted compression shirt

These snug-fitting vests are designed to simulate a hug to keep teens with autism calm and focused. The vests rely on weights to fit the body firmly and have a calming and reassuring effect on anxious teens. Ideal for teens on the autism spectrum as well as kids with hyperactivity.




Why we love it:

  • Skills developed: Concentration

  • Uses: Keeps anxious teens calm and focused

  • Made from: Mesh and comfy neoprene


2. Plasma 360

Autistic Kids Toys - Relaxing toys for teens with autism

Teens on the autism spectrum will be amazed by this light bulb which lets you ‘feel’ energy as you move your fingertips over it. The streams of energy can also be seen flickering inside the bulb. This is ideal for teens craving visual stimulation. It’s entertaining and quite calming to watch. Parents and teachers can also use it to teach teens about cause and effect.



Why we love it:

  • Skills developed: Concentration, visual processing skills

  • Uses: Stimulates and calms highly visual teens

  • Made from: Glass

What toys have you found useful with your own autistic child? Share your recommendations in the comments below.


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