Brett, Child with Autism Missing in Woods, Found Safe

May 19, 2015

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]angelsense helped find brett

Brett, a child with Autism, was found in the woods by using AngelSense to guide a police helicopter and a search and rescue team.

The search ended in less than 90 minutes in spite of the densely wooded terrain, see the AngelSense app screenshots below.

While visiting 11 acres of undeveloped land with a pond, Brett again took off running. “I pulled up the AngelSense app and found where he was and reminded hubby to check the tracker on his phone. I had a little trouble with freezing because of who I have service with, but hubby found his trail and went after him.” It was a long trek through woods and along a creek.



Brett elopement trail in the AngelSense application (map, satellite and street view)

AngelSense Technology helped find Brett


“Brett was quick and hubby could not keep up with him! We called the police. We were able to give the trackers with the dogs location details, since AngelSense provided us continuous real-time updates while Brett was running away. The guys in the helicopter were listening to provide assistance if needed.”

“Without AngelSense, this search could have lasted a lot longer than the hour and a half it took. Even the officer in charge agreed that AngelSense is worth every penny. It saved the police a lot of time, which was so critical in finding Brett safe. Only recently an adult with Autism in another state was found dead after eloping.

The police called me the following day for details on AngelSense so that they can share it with all the families in the area!


Amgelsense helps find brett


I am so glad that we have this and I have been telling everyone – if they have a loved one with autism, Alzheimer’s, or dementia they need to get AngelSense. The peace of mind it provides is immeasurable.”


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