Films that will Help You See the World Through the Eyes of an Autistic Child

December 29, 2015

Films for special needs kids

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There’s something magical about film and its ability to entertain, enthrall and capture the imagination of people of all ages. While watching a film can be a highly entertaining activity, it’s also a great way to better understand your child with autism. The right film could open your eyes, and may even help you see your little one in a new light.

The AngelSense community has put together 5 films to inspire, inform and remind you that though times may be tough, you’re not alone. Our hope is that these films will give you more insight into autism and what it means for your child. With enough empathy and understanding, one can only hope that more kids with autism will find their place in society.


1. A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism (A.K.A The Sunshine Boy)

A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism (A.K.A The Sunshine Boy)

This documentary explores one mother’s determination not to accept her son’s pessimistic diagnosis. It documents her resilience as she goes in search of answers, and looks for ways to improve his quality of life. In the documentary, we’re introduced to Margaret whose severely autistic son has had to undergo a number of treatments. Unwilling to accept the doctor’s answers, she goes on a journey to understand her son’s condition.


Few other documentaries on the topic are as refreshing or empowering as this one. This is a must-watch for all special needs parents.



Why we love it:


2. Autism: The Musical

Autism the musical

This inspirational documentary follows the lives of five kids on the autism spectrum and their parents as they prepare for an original stage production. The documentary highlights their many struggles and challenges as they all learn to communicate their feelings and work together as a team. It also showcases what parenting children with special needs is like.


“Autism: The Musical” is a celebration of the uniqueness of each child. It’s an uplifting, feel-good film which does a lot to challenge the many stigmas surrounding this disorder. The film won awards at 7 U.S. film festivals and was also awarded two Emmy awards.



Why we love it:


3. Rain Man

Rain Man

This highly acclaimed film has done a lot to challenge the way autism is perceived. The film cleverly showcases the relationship between Charlie Babbitt (played by Tom Cruise) and his autistic brother Raymond (played by Dustin Hoffman) as they travel-cross country. While Hoffman’s performance successfully counteracts many of the misconceptions about autism, it helps reinforce others like the idea that autism and savantism are linked.


A moving film that will inspire you to think beyond the stereotypes, and will help you see your child in a new light. This is one of the best films for raising awareness and dispelling the many myths and misconceptions about autism.



Why we love it:


4. Fly Away


Fly Away

A poignant and slightly heart-wrenching documentary, Fly Away showcases a single mom’s struggle to let her autistic teenager go. The film focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter which has become strained as the teenager tries to assert her independence. Jeanne, the mother, is forced to come to terms with her daughter’s transition into adulthood and what that means for the teen’s future.





Why we love it:


5. Wretches & Jabberers

Wretches & Jabberers

This film boldly challenges the many misconceptions about disorders like autism. In the documentary two men, Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, with autism go on a global quest to confront the stereotypes head-on.

Along the way they encounter all sorts of people and are able to challenge attitudes about autism. The documentary puts a positive spin on autism and shows that obstacles and limitations can be overcome. This shines a touching light on disorders like autism.



Why we love it:


What films about autism have had the biggest impact on you and your family? Share your thoughts in the comments below


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