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5 Best Apps for Children with Special Needs

5 best apps for children with special needsTechnology is a part of our everyday lives – it can be overwhelming to decide what will work best for you. After all, technology is supposed to make things easier, not complicated. Here are some apps for special needs kids and one to help their moms and dads too!




1. Kids Flashcard Maker

How about an app so you can make your own flashcards! Take pictures of items, add video and audio – this app puts it all together to create a one of a kind learning tool for children with special needs. Helps identify people, places and things in their direct environment plus it can be a great bit of technological fun for older children as well.

2. Birdhouse for Autism

This one’s for mom and dad! Journal your child’s day – from wake-up to sleep time – to chart sleep, medications, doctor visits and therapy, meltdowns, and food intake. Have access to all your notes in one place, ideal for speaking to the professionals on your team and keeping everyone up to date and one the same page!

5 best apps

3. Fireworks Arcade

The lights are beautiful but the noise can be a problem – this app allows kids to create their own shows of light and sound, or just watch the show that unfolds on this free app.


4. Hidden Curriculum for Kids

Most of us take for granted how quickly we pick up on the hidden meanings in every day social interaction. This fun tool provides real world examples of everyday conversations containing the “hidden social rules” that can cause anxiety for many children with special needs. This is an excellent conversation starter for the whole family!


5. Bugs and Buttons

This is for the little ones! Counting, track, following paths, sorting and even fine motor skills like pinching are the benefits of this fun app. Bugs skitter across the screen, and kids get to chase them (and you don’t have to be grossed out!).

Have more app ideas that you enjoy using with your kids, please share them with us on our Facebook page. The AngelSense Family wishes you all a happy New Year.


AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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