Maximum Support for
Independence and Employment

Help Your Teen With Special Needs
Reach Their Full Potential


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AngelSense Supports Independent Activity & Employment Success

Easing Transition Challenges for Special Needs
Children into Adulthood

Use AngelSense Throughout the Entire Day
for Greater Independence without Compromising Safety

Traveling to Work

  • Safe transit to the workplace with accurate, real-time location tracking and intelligent iAlerts.
  • Guardians and employers are made aware in advance of late arrivals and can easily help if an issue arises.

At Work

  • Allows the supervisor to easily communicate through the auto pickup speakerphone.
  • Remote shadowing by the employee’s supervisor helps to build confidence and trust.
  • Employee can discreetly press a button to request help from their manager, this can be especially useful during high-stress moments to avoid potential meltdowns.

Elopement from Work

  • Employer is notified if your loved one leaves work unexpectedly and has access to Emergency Search Tools to quickly find them.

Returning Home

  • See exact departure time from work or independent activity.
  • Late Departure Alerts let you know if your loved one is at work later than usual.


  • Helps to verify time at work with detailed timeline, history & location playback.

Maintaining Successful Employment

  • Supervisor can easily see the whereabouts of their special needs employee.
  • Employee can request support with the device’s SOS Call Request button.
  • The Assistive Speakerphone allows for remote support by parents, care team, employer, or guardian.

Everyone Benefits from Additional Support at the Workplace.

A Safer Commute Broadens Opportunities

  • Provides ability to safely travel alone further from home and outside of your immediate neighborhood.
  • Walking to work or taking public transportation independently is possible with the added comfort of having access to your child’s location on a live map.
  • Guide your child at any moment if they get lost or off track with the auto-pickup speakerphone.
  • Know exactly when they arrive to or leave their job, therapy, school, or job training and get immediate alerts for unusual behavior.

Placement in employment programs is higher with added support like AngelSense

For Maximum Safety, Relying on a Smartphone isn't Enough

Get Peace of Mind, Knowing
Your Loved One is Always Protected

Chris Miguez, young autistic adult shares how AngelSense makes independence possible

A Safer Commute Broadens Opportunities

Using AngelSense for Independence,
Dutch has always been an eloper

A Safer Commute Broadens Opportunities


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