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Services for independent living

  1. African American Autism Center

    Who they are: A center providing teens and young adults on the spectrum with community activities, events and training to ease the transition to adulthood as well as relevant vocational opportunities.

    What they offer: Organic gardening, food preparation and wilderness exploration, and a special needs summer camp which gives those with autism a chance to enjoy everything from fishing to camping in a safe environment.

    Location: Denver, Colorado
  2. Independent Living Experience

    Who they are: A center offering a selection of services designed to help those with special needs live fully independent lives.

    What they offer: Customized programs to suit the unique needs of each individual ensuring they have the tools and resources needed to enjoy independent living. The Independent Living Experience makes sure individuals with special needs have a strong circle of support to achieve their goals and succeed

    Location: Denver, Colorado

  3. Mountain Valley Developmental Services

    Who they are: A center providing the necessary resources for those with special needs to live and work independently.

    What they offer:A range of employment and vocational support services including job development and exploration, as well as skills training to pave the way for inclusive employment. In addition those with special needs have the option to work at the Mountain Valley greenhouse and gift store.

    Location:Glenwood Springs, Colorado

    (970) 945-2306
  4. Roots Colorado

    Who they are: A center aiming to ensure that those with special needs and other disabilities have a sustainable future by helping them cultivate the necessary social skills and interpersonal skills to enjoy an independent life.

    What they offer: A coffee bar where individuals with autism can work and gain hospitality industry experience while also learning about bookkeeping and management. Other programs include Artism, an art program for young adults with autism. Artism is run by an art therapist and gives those with special needs the opportunity to explore their creative side. Pals is their program to develop social and vocational skills.

    Location:Centennial, Colorado


Special Education Advocates

  1. Advocacy Denver Denver, CO

    Contact details: 303-831-7733

  2. Autism Society of Colorado Lakewood, CO

    Contact details: (720) 214-0794

  3. Peak Parent Center Colorado Springs, CO

    Contact details: 800-284-0251

  4. Family Voices Colorado Denver, CO

    Contact details: 800-881-8272

Autism Diagnosis Centers

  1. Emerge Glendale, CO

    Contact details: 303 322 90002

  2. Growing Minds Autism Programs Broomfield, CO

    Contact details: 772 206 0993

  3. Sewall Child Denver, CO

    Contact details:

  4. Wolff Child Psychology Denver, CO

    Contact details:

Therapy Services

  1. Hope Farms Project Elizabeth, CO

    Contact details: 720 217 2959

  2. Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center Elizabeth, CO

    Contact details: 719 495 3908

  3. Music Therapy Rocks Monument, CO

    Contact details: 719 360 8420

  4. Child Development Center of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, CO

    Contact details: 719 574 8300


Services for independent living

  1. The Center for Enriched Living

    Who they are: A skills development and social enrichment center

    What they offer: Programs for teens through seniors to ease the transition into adulthood and foster independence. Art classes, bowling, summer camp

    Location: Riverwoods

  2. Envision Unlimited

    Who they are: A nonprofit organization geared towards community integration and independent living.

    What they offer: Employment and skills training programs, services specifically tailored for people with autism. Autism program participants are prepared for independent living and taught to handle money, cook and how to interact with others.

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    312 346-62301
  3. Have Dreams

    Who they are: An organization for teens and young adults with autism to learn independently and develop the skills needed to lead fulfilling lives.

    What they offer:Services tailored to suit the unique needs of people on the autism spectrum. After school program, vocational training and other day programs for adults with special needs, aims to help people with special needs avoid social isolation

    Location:Evanston, Illinois

  4. Lamb’s Farm

    Who they are:A safe and nurturing environment for individuals with special needs to develop independent living skills.

    What they offer:Residential and vocational services to encourage self-sufficiency, vocational services grant the opportunity to hold down a job, earn a salary and develop valuable work skills. Vocational opportunities include working at Lamb Farm’s thrift shop, farmyard, coffee shop or their Sugar Maple Country Store.

    Location:Libertyville, Illinois


Special Education Advocates

  1. A New Ray of Hope Glen Ellyn, IL

    Contact details:30-880-3583

  2. Parent and Educator Partnership (PEP)p Westmont, IL

    Contact details:77-317-2733

  3. Precision Education Joliet, IL


  4. Wanzenberg & Associates Educational Consulting Glen Ellyn, IL

    Contact details: 30-545-0234

Autism Diagnosis Centers

  1. Autism Family Center Winnetka,IL

    Contact details: 7-814-1096

  2. Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Carbondale, IL

    Contact details: 618-536-2122

  3. Center for Autism and Related Disorders Chicago, IL

    Contact details: 312-940-2190

  4. Developmental Services Center Champaign, IL

    Contact details: 217-359-0287

Therapy Services

  1. Blazing Prairie Stars Maple Park, IL

    Contact details: 630-365-5550

  2. Equestrian Connection Libertyville, ILL

    Contact details:

  3. All Bright Therapies Chicago, IL

    Contact details: 312-940-2190

  4. Music Speaks Chicago, IL

    Contact details: 563-249-5781


General & Resource Services

  1. Autism Society of Indiana

    Who they are: A Chapter of The Autism Society of America

    What they offer: Ensuring that every individual and every family affected by autism in the State of Indiana receives the high-quality services they deserve.

    Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

    Contact details: 800-609-8449

  2. IEP-Hope, Inc

    Who they are: IEP-HOPE, Inc. is an advocacy service for parents/caregivers/others of children who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 plan. They are a NonProfit organization which was formed BY parents... FOR parents.

    What they offer: They offer support, education, training, advocacy services and resources to parents and caregivers of children with IEPs/504s- at no cost to the family.

    Location: LaPorte, Indiana

    Contact details: 219-327-HOPE (4673)

New Jersey

General & Resource Services

  1. Autism Speaks of Northern New Jersey

    Who they are: A Chapter of Autism Speaks

    What they offer: The New Jersey Chapter of Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

    Location: Princeton, New Jersey

    Contact details: 609-228-7324

North Carolina

General & Resource Services

  1. Autism Society of North Carolina

    Who they are: A Chapter of The Autism Society of America

    What they offer: Providing services and programs tailored to the unique needs of individuals with autism, helping families connect with resources and advocate for the needs of the autism community with state policy-makers

    Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

    Contact details: 800-442-2762


General & Resource Services

  1. Autism Society of Pittsburgh

    Who they are: A Chapter of The Autism Society of America

    What they offer: Providing information and referral to parents and professionals about diagnosis, care, treatment, educational, medical and habilitative services.

    Location: Wexford, Pennsylvania

    Contact details: 412-856-7223

Services for independent living

  1. The Center for Autism Philadelphia, PA

    Contact details:215-878-3400

  2. The Watson Institute Sewickley, PA
  3. Wesley Spectrum Pittsburgh, PA

    Contact details:412-342-2300

  4. JCHAI Bryn Mawr, PA

    Contact details:610-667-7875

  5. Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Bryn Mawr, PA

    Contact details:877-384-1729

Special Education Advocates

  1. PEAL Center Pittsburgh, PA

    Contact details: 866-950-1040

  2. Autism Advisors & Advocates, LLC Fort Washington, PA

    Contact details:

  3. Woods Langhorne, PA

    Contact details: 215 750 4000 admissions@woods.orgt

  4. WCSI Greensburg, PA

    Contact details: 800-353-6467

Autism Diagnosis Centers

  1. Autism Center of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA

    Contact details: 412-364-1886

  2. Achievement Center Erie, PA

    Contact details: 814 459 2755

  3. Adult Autism Spectrum (AAS) Program Philadelphia, PA

    Contact details: 215 746 4100

  4. Classic Rehabilitation Philadelphia, PA

    Contact details: 877-456-1888

Therapy Services

  1. Horses 4 Hope Equestrian Center Mt Bethel, PA

    Contact details: 610 674 0159

  2. Special Equestrians Warrington, PA

    Contact details:

  3. Music Journey Pittsburgh, PA

    Contact details:

  4. Tempo! Music Therapy West Chester, PA

    Contact details: 610 344 7030 info@tempotherapy.comt


Services for independent living

  1. Seattle Children's Autism Center Seattle, WA

    Contact details: 206-987-2000 866-987-2000

  2. Social Bridge Bellevue, WA

    Contact details:

  3. CARE at Haring Seattle, WA

    Contact details: 206-543-4011

  4. Responding to Autism Kennewick, Wa

    Contact details: 509-396-9230

  5. The Tavon Center Issaquah, WA

    Contact details: (425) 999-2269

Special Education Advocates

  1. Seattle Special Education PTSA Seattle Seattle, WA

    Contact details:

  2. Special Education Advocacy Port Orchard, WA

    Contact details:

  3. UW Autism Center Tacoma, WA

    Contact details: 877 408 8922

  4. Autism Pathways Enumclaw, WA

    Contact details: 253 709 3250

Autism Diagnosis Centers

  1. Adult Autism Clinic Seattle, WA

    Contact details: 206 598 7792

  2. Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment Bellevue, WA

    Contact details: 425 748 7000

  3. The HANDLE Institute International Seattle, WA

    Contact details: 206 204 6000

  4. Hope Central Seattle, WA

    Contact details: 206 455 9845

Therapy Services

  1. STRIDES Therapeutic Horsemanship Center Mesa, WA

    Contact details: 509 521 9080

  2. Summit Equine Assisted Therapy Center La Center, WA

    Contact details: 360 263 3135

  3. Harmony Music Studio Kirkland, WA

    Contact details:

  4. UpBeat Music Therapy Services Vancouver, WA

    Contact details:


Services for independent living

  1. Camp Createability McFarland, WI

    Contact details: 608-577-5733

  2. Have A Heart Inc River Falls, WI

    Contact details: 715-425-7754

  3. Opportunities, Inc Fort Atkinson; WI

    Contact details: 800-314-4567

  4. Wisconsin Independent Life College Waterford, WI

    Contact details: 262-332-7334

  5. VIP Services Elkhorn, WI

    Contact details: 262-723-4043

Special Education Advocates

  1. Listen and Learn Waunakee, WI

    Contact details: (608) 335-2043

  2. Division for Learning Support: Equity and Advocacy Madison, WI

    Contact details: 608 267 91723

  3. WI FACETS Milwaukee, WI

    Contact details: 414 374 4645

  4. Deb Berrang, M.Ed. Dynamic Connections Milwaukee, WI

    Contact details: 414-510-7523 deb@remediatingautism.comm

Autism Diagnosis Centers

  1. Different Minds Madison, WI

    Contact details: 608 572 7905

  2. Wisconsin Early Autism Project Madison, WI

    Contact details: 608 662 9327

  3. North Shore Pediatric Therapy Mequon, WII

    Contact details: 877 486 4140

  4. Caravel Autism Health Pewaukee, WI

    Contact details: 262 737 8400

Therapy Services

  1. Nature's Edge Therapy Center Rice Lake, WI

    Contact details:

  2. Willow Creek Ranch Waterford, WI

    Contact details: 262 806 4080

  3. Funtastic Gymnastic West Allis, WI

    Contact details: 224 554 9634

  4. Special Therapies Waukesha, WI

    Contact details: 262 347 2251


Therapy Services

  1. Patterns Behavioral Services

    Who they are: A therapy center using the strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis and Discrete Trial Training

    What they offer: Patterns provides comprehensive services for children and adults diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Patterns works with your insurance company to obtain authorization for the treatment recommended by your clinician.

    Location: We have offices in Southern California. Denver, Colorado. Tampa, Florida. Sarasota, Florida. Lenexa, Kansas. Dearborn, Michigan. Howell, Michigan. Las Vegas, Nevada. Raleigh, North Carolina. Chardon, Ohio and Lynnwood, Washington

    Contact details: 657-444-9002



    Who they are: A web resource about risks of various substances, the latest approaches to treatment and real stories of recovery.

    What they offer: Organic gardening, food preparation and wilderness exploration, and a special needs summer camp which gives those with autism a chance to enjoy everything from fishing to camping in a safe environment.

Academic scholarships


    Who they are: A guide to help find academic scholarships.

    What this guide offers: In depth reviews of websites offering searches for academic scholarships.

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