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We would like to help families protect their loved ones and get peace of mind.

Maximum Safety

GPS Safety Device for Real-Life Emergencies

A True Lifesaver

" AngelSense literally saved our child who wandered away from us into deep
woods. We had him back in less than 9 min. It works and we love it! "


Key Features

  • Reliable Safeguard GPS
  • 3G/4G LTE Nationwide Coverage
  • Non-Removable Wearing
  • Assistive Speakerphone
  • 30% Longer Battery Life
  • Intelligent iAlerts
  • Late Arrival & Departure Alerts
  • Emergency Search Tools
  • Safe Ride Monitoring
  • Location Activity Playback
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Step Counter (By Location)
  • School Approved
  • Preferred by Safety Programs
  • Designed for Special Needs
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The Safest GPS Tracking Device for Autism, Special Needs & Dementia

AngelSense is specifically designed for special needs and with advanced GPS tracking technology, unique safety features, and well-being monitors to keep your loved one safe. We provide maximum protection for real-life emergencies!

Special Needs & Autism – All Ages

Our vulnerable loved ones with limited safety awareness, many who have communication challenges, require the highest level of protection.We designed the best, most reliable personal location tracking technology so parents can find a runner as quickly as possible. More importantly, our iAlerts are designed to proactively detect unsafe situations to prevent emergencies. The peace of mind AngelSense gives parents of children with special needs and autism is truly invaluable.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

AngelSense is a lifesaving device that helps protect your loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia who may not have the ability to remember where they live, what their name is, or who to call for help. AngelSense helps you find them ASAP, can prevent elderly abuse, and ensures they get to and from activities safely.

  • Live Safeguard GPS Tracking

    Continuously Monitors Location in Real Time – All Day

  • Auto Learns Routine

    Detects Variations & Potentially Dangerous Situations

  • Lifesaving Alerts

    Intelligent, Intuitive, & Instant Alerts for Wandering, Unexpected Places, & More

  • Assistive Speakerphone

    2-Way Voice with Auto Answer

  • Late Departure & Arrival Alerts

    Know if Your Loved One was Left Behind or Didn’t Arrive On Time

  • History Timeline (Unlimited)

    Details of Each Days’ Locations, Transits, & Activity

  • Step Counter

    Monitor Activity Level at Each Location & for Each Day

  • Indoor Search

    Locate Your Loved One Using WiFi Hotspots

  • Transit & School Bus Monitoring

    Unexpected Delay & Stop Alerts, Max Speed, ETA, & More

  • Geo-Fencing Safe Zones

    Unlimited Safe Places – Auto Detects Place & Optimal Boundaries

  • Location Playback Inside Safe Zones

    See Movement within Safe Places like School (Classroom to Playground to PT, etc)

  • Call Request / SOS Button

    Instantly Know if Your Angel Needs You – Non-Intrusive Design

  • Alarm

    Remote Activated Device Alarm

  • Unlimited Guardians

    Give Access & Set Permissions for Family, Teachers, Caregivers, etc

  • Emergency Search Tools

    Advanced Features to Help Find Your Loved One as Quickly as Possible

  • Fall Detection

    Notifications When Your Loved One Falls Down

  • Versatile Wearing

    Easily Attaches to Clothes, Pockets, Bags, & More. Additional Wearable Options Include the Belt & Undershirt.

  • Non-Removable

    Includes 3 Security Pins that Require a Special Magnetic Key for Removal.

  • Sensory Sensitive

    Specially Designed with Soft Material and No Labels for Sensory Sensitivity

  • All Sizes

    Options for Children, Teens, and Adults of All Ages

  • Waterproof Options

    Submersible Pocket Sleeve & Case

Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care Team is staffed with parents of special needs children who use AngelSense every day. They are AngelSense experts who know all too well the challenges and issues you face to keep your loved one safe.

Customer Success Program

We care about the safety of your loved one and want to make sure you get the support you need to successfully make AngelSense a part of your daily routine with:

  • Onboarding Support Call – We will go over everything you need to set-up your device, app settings, and get started.
  • Wearing Tips – Our moms have experience with successfully helping children wear AngelSense and have resources and tips to share with you.
  • Feature Use – If you need help understanding, setting-up, or using any of our features, we’re just a chat, email, or call away.
  • Emergency Support – We offer tips and information to ensure you are prepared for an emergency & if you need help using any of our features we will assist you as soon as possible 24/7.

School Liaisons

Our dedicated team of school liaisons are experts at helping schools and parents collaborate to ensure the child is protected and school policies are met. They offer school dashboard training, resources, expert advice, legal documents, and more to assist you with successful use at school.

  • US Network

    4G LTE Nationwide Service

  • International Plans

    Available for Canada and the UK

  • Tracking

    Continuous & Nonstop All-Day Long

  • Tracking Range

    Unlimited Distance

  • Updates

    Dynamically Updates Based on Movements

  • Size

    61 x 44 x 16 mm

  • Weight


  • SIM Card


  • Notifications

    Push, SMS & Email

  • App

    iOS, Android, and Microsoft for Phones, Tablets, & Computers

  • Battery Life

    Up to 24 Hours (depending on usage)

  • Warranty

    1 Year

The AngelSense Difference

Unlike any other tracker, AngelSense was designed to provide maximum protection for those with special needs and dementia. It’s important to keep in mind that watches, tiles, bracelets, etc. are not made to prevent wandering and are limited in their ability to help during an emergency when every second counts. Due to their size, they can’t update in real-time all day, this limits their ability to provide an exact location if your child elopes.


GPS Trackers

other gps trackes for kids

angelsense gps tracker

other gps trackers for kids

Designed for Special Needs & Wandering Prevention

For Simple Tracking of Pets, Kids, & Cars

Reliable Safeguard GPS with Accurate Location

Standard GPS – Location within a Block or Two

Continuous All-Day Monitoring

Power Save Mode – Alert & Location Delays

Non-Removable, Sensory-Sensitive Wearing

Not Designed for Special Needs

2-Way Assistive Speakerphone

Not Designed for Special Needs

Geofence & Preventative Alerts

Geofence Alerts Only

Alerts for Unexpected Places, Late Arrivals & Departures

Does Not Monitor Routine

Advanced Emergency Search Tools

If Available, Very Limited Functionality

Health & Well-Being Tools

If Available, Very Limited Functionality

Safe Ride Monitoring with Unexpected Stop Alerts, ETA, Speed, & Route History

Route & Speed in Live Mode Only – No Alerts, History, or ETA

Advanced School Features

Not Available


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AngelSense Saves Lives

We Are Special Needs Parents Too!

AngelSense’s mission is to create a safer world for those with autism and special needs.

When you join our AngelSense family, you not only get a lifesaving GPS device, you also join a community of parents, caregivers, & employees who support each other.

If you have any questions, talk to one of our Customer Care Team moms who use AngelSense daily for their children with autism. We truly understand and care!

AngelSense Support Team

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