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Our Unique Lifesaving Features

AngelSense is a child GPS Tracker and an app for the parent, designed to create a safe world for children with special needs. Gain peace of mind knowing exactly where your child is at every moment!


Full-Day View of Your Child

See your child’s routes and locations during the whole day in a simple diary format at 30‑second intervals.

Alerts for Unexpected Places

Receive a text message when your child arrives and departs from a specific place, and for every unexpected car stop and location change.

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Designed for Children with Special Needs

The only GPS tracking device for kids with sensory sensitivities. Includes non-removable accessories for the GPS device and a special key for removal by the parent.

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1-Way Voice

Sense your child’s situation and make sure he or she is safe. This feature helps validate emergency situations and improves special needs child care.

First Responder Group Alarm

With one click, SMS a predefined trusted group of people regarding a lost child, along with a live view of the child’s location & direction to the child.

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Late Departure Warning

Get an instant alert if your child hasn’t left school or any other regularly visited place on time. Make sure they’re never left behind.

Wide Cellular Coverage

No matter your cellular carrier, AngelSense works throughout the entire US and Canada.

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School Dashboard

Provide your child’s school with a special interface that helps school staff ensure the child is safe during school hours.

NEW!2-Way Voice

Talk to your child at any time, without them needing to “pick up” or click anything. Help and support your child from afar, or give them more independence.

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NEW! Indoor Search

A unique feature to help you pinpoint your child in indoor locations. Finally you can know what part of the school or shopping mall your child is in.

NEW! Alarm

Activate an alarm on the device, to locate your child when nearby in a crowd or when hiding.

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