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AngelSense GPS Tracker For Kids

Incredibly accurate & detailed family GPS tracking solution

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"The safest, most reliable GPS tracker for your loved one, there is no better choice than AngelSense!"

2020 School Safety with AngelSense

Protect your child during this unique school year

Whether your children are being homeschooled, going to school part-time, or are back full-time - AngelSense provides maximum safety for real-life - wherever they are.

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Maximum Safety for
Real-Life Emergencies

AngelSense is fully compliant with school regulations, adopted by thousands of schools nationwide

Unique AngelSense GPS Tracker Capabilities

AngelSense GPS tracker

The Monthly Service Plan Includes:

What's In The Box

AngleSense GPS tracker kit

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The AngelSense Difference

Unlike any other tracker, AngelSense was designed to provide maximum protection for those with special needs and dementia. It’s important to keep in mind that watches, tiles, bracelets, etc. are not made to prevent wandering and are limited in their ability to help during an emergency when every second counts. Due to their size, they can’t update in real-time all day, this limits their ability to provide an exact location if your child elopes.

The Angelsense Difference
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