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We would like to help families protect their loved ones and get peace of mind.

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6:00AM Good morning!

Wear the AngelSense Watch and safely start your day.

Good morning!

7:30AM Daily walk

With the live monitoring feature, your loved one can easily go out

without having to worry about getting lost or forgetting the way back home.

Daily walk

Unexpected Location Alert!

If your loved one wanders off, you will get an alert and can call them.

Using the live map feature, guide them back to the correct route through the watch speakerphone.

Unexpected Location Alert!

Safe and sound

Check the real time map to see they’re back on track and at a safe location.

Safe and sound

11:00AM Community Center

Once inside, use the indoor search to make sure your loved one is at their destination

with WiFi hotspots of familiar places.

Community Center

1:00PM Never alone

With the click of a button, your loved one can easily get in touch with you

to request assistance or simply keep them company on their way.

Never alone

2:00PM Safe ride back home

Check the app for an updated ETA to know exactly when your loved one will be back home

and get a notification once they arrive.

Safe ride back home

2:30PM Fall detection!

Get a notification whenever a fall has been detected and call your loved one to check on their situation.

With autopickup the call will answer without pressing a button or doing anything.

Fall detection!

4:00PM Family pitches in

Add multiple family members as guardians, and share live location with the first responders

to see who’s the closest that can drop by to check if your loved one is ok and provide help if needed.

Family pitches in

9:00PM Living at home longer

AngelSense allows your loved one to maintain their independence

and continue living on their own while knowing they can always reach you if needed.

Living at home longer


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