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Maximum Safety for Real-Life Emergencies

  • Live Tracking Map with Continuous Location Updates All Day

  • Non-Removable & Sensory Sensitive Wearing Options for Any Age

  • Lifesaving Alerts for Late Arrivals, Early Departures, Unexpected Locations, & More

  • Auto-Answer Speakerphone to Talk to Your Loved One Anytime, Anywhere

AngelSense App Capabilities
  • Timeline History of Your Loved One’s Activity Every Day, Any Day, Forever

  • School Bus & Transit Tracking with Speed, ETA, & Unexpected Route Alerts

  • Emergency Safety Features to Find Your Loved One Right Away & Keep Them Safe

  • Step Counter Plus Other Features to Ensure Well-Being

"My son eloped from school and I used AngelSense to find him"

Stephanie Lynnette Dorsey

“Such a relief!” “My son is an eloper and has high functioning autism. I received a phone call from the school saying that he

had disappeared on campus, and they were unable to locate him! With the alarm setting on this GPS tracker I was able to activate it 12 miles away from where he was. He was hiding on campus and school staff were able to locate him using the alarm on this device!”

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Stephanie Lynnette Dorsey

“My son was bullied on the school bus! Thank goodness for AngelSense!!”

Adrian Scott Ftizgerald

“My 9 year old son was being bullied on the bus just this past Friday! I recognized his bus was late and I GPSed where my son was.

When I clicked on the voice button, I discovered the distressed situation my son was in, screaming and crying while being hit by two”

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Adrian Scott Ftizgerald

"They put my daughter on the wrong school bus! Luckily she had AngelSense!"

Beth L.

“AngelSense really came through for us today. First day of kindergarten and just when I started to relax, it was 3:00pm.

Time for my little one (5-year-old, non-verbal eloper) to get home. Long story short, THEY PUT HER ON THE WRONG BUS! Only because of AngelSense, I was able to make calls and get this baby home. Thankfully, she had no clue. And was happy to ride along.”

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Beth L.
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AngelSense GPS Tracker Kit
  • GPS Safety Device
  • Travel Case
  • Protective Sleeve
  • 3 Non-Removable Fasteners
  • 1 Magnetic Key

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