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Our Biggest Life-Saving Moments of 2018

December 19, 2018
A post by AngelSense, a GPS & voice monitoring solution designed for children with special needs.Learn more about how AngelSense’s GPS tracking solution can help improve your child’s safety and well-being.

As the year draws to a close, we are grateful to reflect on the past 12 months and consider how many families and communities have been positively impacted by AngelSense. All of us at AngelSense are here because we have a commitment to and passion for making the lives of people with special needs better, and hearing stories like the ones we’ve shared here is what fuels us to keep up the momentum.

We are so grateful to every parent and agency in our community – without you, none of this would be possible. Please join us in acknowledging the hard work and sacrifice required by the parents in our community and celebrate these special moments with us.

Here’s to an even more empowering 2019!

Without Leaving Work, this Mom Used AngelSense to Guide School Staff to her Hiding Child

Without Leaving Work, this Mom Used AngelSense to Guide School Staff to her Hiding Child

When this mom, whose son is an eloper, received a call from the school saying that her son had disappeared, she was able to activate Runner Mode on her AngelSense app from 12 miles away. She was able to activate the alarm on the device so that school staff could locate her child, who was hiding on the school grounds. “Such a relief!”

AngelSense Helped This Mom Catch Up with Her Son When He Didn’t Get Off the Bus

AngelSense Helped This Mom Catch Up with Her Son When He Didn’t Get Off the Bus

A miscommunication between the parents meant that when this child reached his bus stop after school, there was no one there to get him. The bus driver kept the child on the bus, but as soon as his location changed, his mom received an alert. She was able to call the bus company, find out what happened, track her son’s location, and arrange to meet the bus to retrieve her son. “I could just imagine not having AngelSense and not having a clue to where my son was, I would have had a panic attack!!! I’m just thankful for such a great product!”

Mom Uses AngelSense to Calm Child During School Lockdown

Mom Uses AngelSense to Calm Child During School Lockdown

In April, a mom arrived at the school to pick up her son to find the school surrounded by officers with their guns drawn. It was a domestic dispute that had spiraled out of control. The officers had the school on lockdown and were not releasing the students. This mom acted quickly and used the AngelCall feature to speak to her son. She was able to calm her son and reassure him she was just waiting outside. What could have been a very traumatic situation was resolved in a safe and healthy manner through her ability to communicate with her child.

From Speeding Buses to Wandering Children, AngelSense Is There

From Speeding Buses to Wandering Children, AngelSense Is There

Not only was this mom able to improve bus safety but when her son wandered, she was able to find him immediately. Using the AngelSense app, she could see that her son’s bus was exceeding the speed limit (going 72 mph instead of 55). She contacted the transportation department to prevent that safety issue from happening again. And when her son wandered out of the house when she had her back turned for a split-second doing laundry, she was able to use the AngelSense app to see precisely where he was. “What would I have done if I hadn’t had this? I would be freaking out going crazy!”

Safety Check from a Distance

Safety Check from a Distance

In June, a school had a fire alarm that evacuated the building. AngelSense issued an alert to let the child’s caretaker know he was not in his expected location. Rather than having to leave work, she was able to contact the teacher, learn about the fire alarm, and monitor the situation without losing time at work. Using the listen-in feature, she was able to determine that her nephew was safe and out of harm’s way. “We are beyond blessed to know that you can monitor him from work, now that is peace of mind!!”

Grandmas Like AngelSense, Too!

Grandmas Like AngelSense

After hearing about yet another wandering tragedy, this grandma ordered AngelSense for her granddaughter who has a love for water and a tendency to run. It has been life-changing for the whole family, from the alerts she receives every morning when her granddaughter arrives safely at school to removing the anxiety from field trips. “As a grandma, it gives me great relief as I know it does my son and daughter in law. We are able to let go just a little, thanks to AngelSense.”

Son Wears His AngelSense “Body Computer” Just Like His Local Police Officers

As most parents of special needs kids know, helping them adjust to change can be very difficult. When this family decided to order AngelSense, they started talking to their son about wearing the device to keep him safe. They arranged for him to meet the local police officers and see the equipment they wear so that he would know that his device was important. “Between the amazing customer service team and the feeling of finally having some safety for our wanderer, we are so happy to have found this product!”

All of us at AngelSense are so grateful to play a part in helping these families and many others gain peace of mind and keep their children safe. We are committed to doing everything we can to help prevent wandering tragedies and empower children and parents.

We wish all of you a very happy and safe 2019!

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