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You Can Offer Relief to Stressed Families of Autistic Children

As an organization assisting parents of children with special needs, you only see a small part of the picture. You rarely witness the nights a parent lies awake, listening for the alarm that signifies that their child is attempting to elope again. You don’t see the anxiety as parents watch the clock, waiting for the school bus to arrive, choking down the panic every second the bus is late. Did their child get on the bus at all? Are they safe?

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You can alleviate stress for families.

You can offer brief respite solutions or tips on how to manage stress, but if you truly want to help families, assistive technology such as a GPS tracker can provide peace of mind. Rather than placing a band-aid on a persistent problem, you can offer a solution proven to save lives.

AngelSense monitors the location of a child at all times and can even pinpoint locations inside buildings. With a simple app, parents can know exactly where their child is and receive immediate alerts if they are not where they are supposed to be. Emergency response teams could easily be notified if a child does go missing, significantly reducing the chances of a tragedy.

AngelSense Gives Peace of Mind

Lency Nunez credits AngelSense with saving her son’s life. Her son, Hanzel, has autism and is prone to wandering. She ordered AngelSense after a very frightening experience where Hanzel had wandered. The very day she started using the device, Hanzel wandered away again – only this time, she was able to track his location and notify the NYPD to enlist their help in locating her son. Read Lency’s full story.

Parents of children who wander are stressed and frightened, but you can be a part of the solution. Not only does this technology offer relief for families, but it saves lives. Protecting children with autism is a community effort, and with a GPS tracker, you can change how an entire family exists. Sleepless nights can be restful ones, and parents can send their children to school without fear. Attention can be given to other things, such as a project at work or feeling comfortable attending a sibling’s event as a family. Be a part of their bigger picture. AngelSense can help.

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AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for children with special needs. We designed the AngelSense GPS tracker for kids to give parents the peace of mind that their child is safe at all times.

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