This Autism Acceptance Month, we are offering the AngelSense Device for FREE.
We would like to help families protect their loved ones and get peace of mind.
Our new feature utilizes 2 way voice, making AngelSense the first phone for individuals with special needs, perfectly integrating communication and monitoring in a wearable solution
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Limited Offer!

Order AngelSense GPS Now & Get 2-Way Voice Feature

60 Voice Minutes/month Included!

With 2-Way Voice you will:

Talk to your child at any time, without them needing to "pick up" or click anything
Instruct your child to stop, avoid a road, or stay away from any potential threat
Give your child more independence knowing you can always help from afar
Calm your child and be by their side when they need your support
Stay connected every day
2-Way Voice in the Application

Hear what parents are saying

"Knowing that I can talk to him whenever I want and that it calms him down and makes him smile is such a blessing."
"I used to feel awful that our mornings are so stressful, but now I talk to him when he's on the school bus and make sure he's alright!"
"The fact that he put his hand on his leg and leaned down and said "hi mommy "when he heard the phone ring, meant the world to me!"

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AngelSense Features

A device for your loved one and an app for you!

Read more about all the AngelSense features here ≫
All-Day Monitoring
Real Time Tracking
Life-Saving Alerts
2-Way Voice
Indoor Search
1-Way Voice
Runner Mode
First Responder Alert
Late Departure Warning
Helpful Reminders
Sensory Friendly Wearables
Wide Cellular Coverage

Exclusive Offer!

Order AngelSense NOW!

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