AngelSense and AAOM
a Lifesaving Partnership

The Challenge

Autism affects around 1 in 36 children in the United States, according to the CDC (1). More than a million children in the U.S. have autism, and half of those children are at risk for wandering and going missing at least once before their 17th birthday. Since 2012, the state of Michigan has taken bold steps to offer dedicated support services for the ASD community. A progress review of their ASD State Plan (2), issued in 2018, reported training for over 17,000 law enforcement agents and first responders to emergency situations involving individuals with ASD.


Wandering-related fatalities in younger children

According to a study released by the National Autism Association (3), of the reported 800+ wandering-related ASD missing person cases in the US between 2011-2016, almost a third ended in death or the need for medical attention. Underrepresentation of wandering/elopement is likely, as many cases are thought to go unreported.

The Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOM) is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through advocacy, support, and resources. With a focus on education, early detection, and community engagement, AAOM strives to foster understanding and acceptance while empowering those touched by ASD to reach their full potential.


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Laurie, Northville, MI

I got a phone call telling me that my son was missing from school. He had wandered away during recess, walked out to the parking lot and got into a car that was unlocked. He was found laying down in the backseat with a blanket. The Autism Alliance of Michigan heard what happened and actually hand- delivered that day an AngelSense device. I was so blown away by that gesture. AngelSense has given me my sanity back. I cannot thank AAOM or AngelSense enough!

Laurie, Northville, MI

The highest number of deaths occurred in children aged 5-9, and the highest lethal risk was for children under age 5, with death occurring nearly 60% of the time. Accidental drowning accounted for over 70% of lethal outcomes, as children with ASD tend to have an impaired sense of danger and are drawn to quiet, low-sensory areas such as bodies of water during times of acute stress.  

A separate anecdotal study conducted by the American Association of Pediatrics (4) found that 49% of parents surveyed reported their child with ASD had tried to elope at least once after age 4 years. Of those who went missing, 24% were in danger of drowning and 65% were in danger of traffic injury.


A critical need for first-responder resources

The findings underscore the critical need for creating interventions aimed at mitigating elopement risks, providing assistance to families navigating this challenge, and equipping child care professionals, educators, and first responders—who frequently engage in elopement incidents—with appropriate training. To date, there is a lack of resources in most states to prevent or respond to elopement behaviors in autistic individuals. Guided by its progressive ASD state plan, Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services stands out as noteworthy.

 GPS Scholarship Program Manager, AAOM

AngelSense’s top-notch customer support team, made up of special needs parents who use AngelSense with their own children, is always available when we need them. Both the app as well as the unique and secure attachment options for wearability are life changing for these families. AAOMI is so happy to be collaborating with AngelSense to better serve our families

GPS Scholarship Program Manager, AAOM

The Solution

AngelSense and The Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOM) have partnered to offer proven and effective support to children with autism, particularly those prone to wandering, by providing AngelSense devices to families in need. The innovative assistive technology offers a robust suite of search and rescue tools, along with customized functionality, specifically designed to address the challenges of children with autism and their caretakers. 


Only AngelSense offers all-day continuous monitoring, whether the app is open or not, without sleep mode. Unlike a regular smartphone or GPS tracker, it offers extended battery life, and sends proactive alerts, including unknown or unexpected locations, without needing constant vigilance. Advanced algorithms ensure the most accurate location possible.


In the event of an emergency, the First Responders feature shares the wanderer’s location with a trusted, pre-defined group, including family members, friends, and service providers that can assist in locating them, without spending critical minutes trying to call or text people who may be able to help.


In the event of a search and rescue effort, this feature lets parents grant temporary access to a live map of their wandering child’s location, viewable from any mobile device or web browser. The link can be shared with law enforcement and anyone else who might be of assistance.


Runner Mode activates enhanced tracking during an elopement. With Runner Mode activated, parents and caregivers are able to get location updates every 10 seconds, saving every crucial second in case of an elopement.


A remotely activated alarm can be activated from any distance and sets off a clearly audible signal to help parents or search teams locate their child in case they are hiding or lost in a crowded environment.

Safeguard GPS

Safeguard GPS

Know exactly where your loved one is with non-stop tracking

First Responders

First Responders

Notify your list of first responders to help during an emergency

Share Live Location

Share Live Location

Send temporary access of a live map to anyone, including the police

Runner Mode

Runner Mode

Get location updates every 10 seconds in case the child is on the run



Sound an alarm on the device to easily find them in a crowd or when hiding

Measurable Results

  • AngelSense assistive technology is a proven tool for significantly reducing fatality and other harm that is common to children on the autism spectrum who are prone to wandering.
  • To date, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of 700 families served by AAOM in the Michigan area.
  • 97% of incidents are resolved by AngelSense users themselves, thereby reducing the need for police intervention.
Kat Nelson, AAOM

Our Michigan families of children with special needs who struggle to communicate verbally, or struggled to keep other devices on, are already reporting an increased sense of security and peace of mind with AngelSense.

Kat Nelson, AAOM

A Secure Future

We continue to work jointly with the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOM)  to fulfill their mission of leading the effort in making Michigan a safer place to live for autistic people and their families. If you or someone you know can benefit from this life-saving device, we encourage you to reach out to us and learn more about our service and funding options at

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