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New 2021 AngelSense GPS – Longer Battery Life & New Features

NEW AngelSense 2020 Version

AngelSense has always had a mission of providing maximum protection for those who are most vulnerable. This is why we are always looking for ways to improve and add new features that will keep your loved one safe.

Our latest 2021 version has an extended battery life, exciting new safety features, and more well-being features. Learn all about what’s new with our latest GPS Tracking Device with Assistive Speakerphone. It’s smarter, more powerful, and as always the safest GPS tracker solution for Special Needs and Dementia.

GPS Tracker for Elderly and Kids with Special Needs & Autism

Continuous GPS Tracking with Longer Battery Life

The AngelSense battery life is now 30% longer! We are often asked why our device has a shorter battery life than more basic GPS device alternatives and the answer is simple – we have more safety features that require more battery power. Our goal is to keep your child or loved one as safe as possible. We do this by providing continuous, non-stop GPS updates and an assistive, auto-answer speakerphone.

Everyone knows that when your phone’s location services are active, your battery drains faster. So obviously, a device that is constantly updating its location is going to have a shorter battery life. However, when every second counts, having an accurate location is imperative. When your child is lost, the last thing you want to do is wait for the device to wake-up from standby mode.

I feel at ease knowing I can see and hear where my son is when he is on his way to school and on his way home. That I can hear what is going on so I know whether or not he is ok. So happy with AngelSense. Best purchase I could have made.    – Sharon M.

Non-stop updates allow us to provide fast alerts that prevent an issue from developing into an emergency. For example, only AngelSense can proactively identify unexpected stops on the school bus, late arrivals and departures, changes while in unknown places, and more. Additionally, you have an accurate last location to use if they wander in an area without good reception.

You also don’t want the battery to die, so we made it a priority to improve our algorithms without compromising safety. Now your AngelSense Device can last up to 48 hours after a full charge (depending on usage). This is a vast improvement and we promise to keep working to extend our battery life even more as technology changes. The best part is that improvements are made via a remote update. So if you buy an AngelSense device today, you could get longer battery life in the future without buying a new device.

SOS Direct Calling Option – Coming Soon

You want to be there for your loved one when they need you and our SOS button was originally designed to send a notification to you when pushed. It can be customized to avoid frequent requests from a child who has a tendency to compulsively press buttons to ensure you only get notified when they truly wish for you to call them. However, we have received several requests to add the ability to have the button directly call the guardian. We listened and added this option to the new 2021 version.

If desired, you can have the device call you when the SOS button is pushed. If you are unavailable it will automatically try another guardian with voice permissions. This way, if there is an emergency you’ll be contacted right away without a delay.

2021 AngelSense GPS Personal Tracker

Powerful New Features for 2021

The new 2021 version of AngelSense has an array of new features and safety measures in place to make sure you can always find your loved one as easily and as quickly as possible. Starting with a new easier to read and use design. Below we’ll go through each of the new features and safety improvements that make the best GPS tracker for kids, teens, and seniors even better!

2021 AngelSense with easy to use GPS tracking

Easy to Use Personal GPS with New Design 

Several improvements have been made to make the AngelSense GPS Tracking App easier to use. With so many lifesaving features, we are constantly working to improve your experience while using the app and tracking your loved ones. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made to the design:

  • Larger Font for Better Readability

  • Easy Access Buttons for Emergency Tools & Voice Features

  • Improved Safe Ride Monitoring Display

  • Ability to Select Place for Updated ETA

AngelSense makes tracking your loved one with the most advanced safety and well-being features easier than ever. We also provide one-on-one training from our Customer Care Team to ensure you get everything set-up correctly and know how to use all of our lifesaving features.

Track Multiple Children with AngelSense

Track Multiple Angels from the AngelSense GPS App

It’s easier than ever to track multiple people from the same app. You can simply purchase a discounted new device and service from within the app and then select the device you want to track. All the information for each of your Angels (loved ones) is accessible with the click of a button.

GPS Emergency Search & Rescue & Voice Tools

Quick Access Buttons for LifeSaving GPS Tracking Tools and Voice Features

When there is an emergency, you can quickly access our most important search and rescue features. We added quick-access buttons for our lifesaving GPS tracking tools and voice features.

It’s easier than ever to start Runner Mode, see your location in relation to your loved one to get directions to them, share a temporary link of the live tracking map to police officers, 911, or anyone helping in the search efforts, and notify all of your loved one’s guardians that there is an emergency. You can also quickly sound the device’s alarm to find someone hiding or lost in a crowd.

The Voice button gives you easy access to make a 2-Way call and speak with your loved one, or a 1-Way call to simply listen-in without disturbing them.

Unlimited GPS Transit Tracking

AngelSense GPS Safe Ride Monitoring is Even Better

Our Safe Ride Monitoring system tracks each and every transit your loved one takes. Whether they are on the bus, in a car, or walking or running, their exact route is automatically tracked whether your app is open or not. You’ll get a notification that your loved one is on the move and you can open the app to see the exact route in real-time with the max speed they’re traveling at and the estimated ETA to the most likely destination based on their usual routine.

It gives me such peace of mind being able to check on my son with autism at all times, call him if needed, see his routes on the bus, and all of the other features. It even tells me how fast the bus driver was going and his ETA to arrive at certain locations… I would recommend this company & their services to anyone and everyone.     – Amy H.

In the 2021 version, you can easily select a different ETA location and the speed is prominently displayed on the live tracking map. As always, you can go back and review details from transits earlier in the day or any day in the past. No other GPS tracking system offers this feature. Only AngelSense provides an accurate, exact route, ETA of your choice, and speed for each and every transit.

Unlimited Geofences (Safe Places) with Automatic Boundaries

Every other GPS tracker requires you to manually add geofences for the places your loved one visits. Only once these boundaries are created by you, will they notify you when they enter or leave the virtual boundary. Many times they only allow you to set a limited number of these places, and sometimes your app has to be open for you to get notifications.

I use AngelSense and LOVE it. I’ve spent over $300 trying similar devices with awful results. This is a great investment! The peace of mind is totally worth it!     – Krissy B.

Aside from wanting to make GPS tracking easier, AngelSense’s top priority is to provide maximum safety to our most vulnerable loved ones. This is why we offer unlimited geofencing for any and all of the places your loved one visits and automatically set the optimal boundaries for you. Our advanced AI learning continually monitors and improves the boundaries over time, without you having to do anything. If you wish, you can simply click Give Name to give a safe place a name like School, Home, Therapy, Park, etc. and that’s it!

Intelligent iAlerts – Thanks to Automatic Geofencing

Automatic and unlimited geofencing obviously takes the pressure off of you to configure the places your loved one visits, but it also allows us to provide our Intelligent iAlerts. By automatically setting a geofence around your loved one, we’re able to detect and notify you when they enter unusual and unknown places. Imagine going to a grocery store you’ve never been to, without doing anything, AngelSense will set up a boundary so you’ll instantly be notified if your loved one leaves the store. Not only that, this lifesaving technology also helps us notify you if your child gets off at the wrong bus stop, doesn’t make it into the building after leaving the bus, or exits the school but doesn’t start a transit home as they usually do.

With AngelSense, your loved one’s location is continuously monitored all day long. We don’t go into sleep mode like other GPS devices because we know that every second counts when your loved one with special needs or dementia wanders.

AngelSense Newsletter

AngelSense GPS Step Counter

Step Counter Activity Insight Reports – Coming Soon

In 2020, we added a step counter to help you set and monitor health goals and monitor your child’s well-being. We wanted to ensure your loved one with special needs or dementia is not just safe, but healthy, calm and happy. In 2021, we’re going to take this to the next level by offering insights into your loved one’s activity levels.

With our new Insights, you’ll be able to see easy to read reports to ensure your loved one is getting the physical activity they need to stay healthy. There will be reports for total activity for each day, week, or month, with a gauge to see how they’re doing compared to their usual average. This will let you easily detect issues, we’ll even send an alert if they drop too far below their normal number of steps. Parents have been using the step counter to detect and resolve issues of bullying when they noticed that their child’s activity level dropped because they weren’t going outside for recess. These new insight reports will make it even easier to detect these types of issues.

I love being able to see my son running around the track at school and being able to check that he’s getting his daily exercise    – Tamara

Not only will you be able to monitor total activity, you’ll also be able to see activity per location. This will let you narrow down where your loved one is getting exercise and where there are issues. You’ll easily be able to see if there is an increase or decrease in your loved one’s steps at each location. This is especially helpful if your child with autism paces when they are nervous, bored, or upset. By seeing the number of steps your loved one takes at certain locations you can get insight into how they are feeling and their level of participation.

This information is also useful for doctors and therapists to suggest physical activity goals for your loved one. Once a goal is set you will be able to quickly monitor how your loved one is doing. You will also be able to see how they compare with our other users in the same age range, by gender, or by special need. We are also working on providing the CDC recommendations to give you an idea of your loved one’s activity in comparison to government recommendations.

Fall Detection – Coming Soon

In early 2021, we’ll be offering Fall Detection Service that will notify you if your loved one falls down and where they are. We will also monitor what happens next and let you know if they don’t get up and move afterward.

If a fall is detected, you can call their device and the Assistive Speakerphone will automatically answer so you can check on them. They also have an SOS button on the device that they can press to call you and other guardians to get assistance.

Pill Reminder – Coming Soon

We are also working on a pill reminder system to ensure your loved one takes all of their medication. Starting out as a standard reminder, it will evolve into an advanced system to monitor and keep track of all of their medication needs and will also help you monitor that pills were taken even when they’re with a caregiver.

AngelSense GPS - Location Playback

2020’s Favorite New Feature – Location Activity Playback

In 2020, we introduced Location Playback which allows you to view your loved one’s activity within safe zones. You can set smaller boundary zones within a larger named place (geofence). For example, at school, you can set zones for the playground, classroom, cafeteria, gym, etc. You are then able to monitor movement between the smaller zones.

This helps you to understand what’s going on with your child while they are at school and alert you to potential issues. For instance, if your child suddenly stops going outside during recess, it could indicate that they are being bullied. You can also see if they are following their therapy schedule and other IEP requirements. By being aware of changes in behavior and routines you can more easily understand and address any issues.

The AngelSense Difference

Our new features compliment all of the unique safety features that already make AngelSense the best option to protect your loved one. Whether you have a special needs child, teen, or adult that you care for, our wearable GPS tracking device will give you peace of mind. It is also great for protecting those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Other options don’t even come close to offering what AngelSense offers. They are designed for typical children, pets, cars, etc. AngelSense was created specifically for people with special needs and those prone to wandering off. Below is a comparison of some of our lifesaving features that the alternatives just don’t have (or they have a very limited variation). You can also Learn More in our in-depth blog post that explains all the advanced features only available with AngelSense.

GPS Kid Tracker Comparison Chart

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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  1. Linda allocco January 7, 2021 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    Hi I love my AngelSense!! Do we upgrade or have to purchase a new tracker?

  2. Stan Gasner January 14, 2021 at 2:39 am - Reply

    What about a next strap device as you mentioned a few weeks ago as welll as other carrying devices not counting the magnetic ones. This is for my wife who has dimentia and has her device in her purse which may not always be with her.

  3. Lisa Cloud January 15, 2021 at 7:26 pm - Reply

    very happy with Angel Sense and the peace of mind it gives me to know that i can track my mom when shes out walking it gives her stilll a little freedom from her dimentia

  4. Lori Calleo January 18, 2021 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    Our son has been wearing the Angel for many years and we are so pleased with it. If we ever had any problem, the service and sources for help couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful . I feel much better knowing he has it on every day. He has down Syndrome and is non-verbal. Could you please send an email as to how to count the steps on the device. Thanks for everything.

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