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AngelSense GPS: From Fear to Freedom

AngelSense GPS: From Fear to Freedom

Since getting AngelSense I can allow my special needs daughter to play with the neighbor kids without hovering over her. She now has the freedom to play between 3 neighbors’ houses. I know where she is the entire time, and I can track her as they walk and play outside. I am able to listen in as they play, and she is able to call me if needed.

School Days

We live miles away from my daughter’s school. Some days traffic gets bad. If I run late, I can call her on her device before she gets anxious. Peace of mind in an instant! During the day I have a safety bubble around the school, the device will notify me the moment she leaves the school grounds.

Field Trip Adventures

Field Trip Adventures

Field trips are fun but stressful for the parent of a special needs child. Specially if the adventure involves multiple means of travel and places. With AngelSense I’m able to see where they go, I can listen in to make sure she sounds calm and happy, and I can rest assured she is protected. My daughter’s class once went on the train to a big city. I was able to track them all the way on the train and in the bus to the city and back. Through a museum and at the park. A full day of fun with protection like a bodyguard with her all day long.

New Small AngelSense GPS for Autism

GPS Safety Device for Real-Life Emergencies

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Autism & Special Needs gives me complete peace of mind! It gives my daughter the confidence to explore independence in small doses but most of all it acts like a bodyguard notifying me what she does and where she is at all time. 

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For the first time in my daughter’s life, she can help with community service through scouts. Whether they do a beach cleanup or a short hike I have an emergency service right at hand. She can call for help with the push of a button. Both of us feel worry free.


911 Standby

I can have multiple people on her emergence call list. Once there is a call for help 5 people will jump into action and I can have all of us track her to the exact place she is at.

AngelSense Saves Lives

Weekend with Dad

I share parenting my daughter with her father who lives in a different city. Both of us can see where she is at any given day and at any time of the day. Each of us can set her AngelSense to notify us when she arrives and leaves a scheduled therapy or doctor appointment. At therapy I can see where she is inside the building and even how much walking is done. The play back function can show me how active she was while visiting dad. I can set a safety bubble around his house and I can sleep at night knowing she will call me if she needs me.

I love that I can see when they leave his house on the way back to me. This way I am ready when she arrives, or I can set up a surprise as she walks through the door.

I need you Mom

Sometimes she just needs to hear mom’s voice. If my daughter has a crisis or just needs a reassuring word. I am there to calm her down. I love that she can hear me as if I’m right by her.

Easy Wearing

Easy Wearing

The device is firmly secured onto her clothing. There is no way it can fall of or get lost. It cannot be ripped off and it is not visible. There are multiple ways of wearing AngelSense which gives us options with different style clothing. It’s easy to get it on and off. It could not be any easier to have her safe, secure, and independent. I have an Angel around her all day long.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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