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Help Your Loved One with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Keep Their Independence Longer

GPS Tracker for Adults, Seniors, & Elderly

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Maximum Safety for Your Loved One with Dementia

AngelSense GPS is unlike any other personal locator on the market

New & Improved AngelSense GPS for Dementia

2021 Version:

  • Larger App Font
  • Easier to Use Design
  • Quick Access Buttons

Coming Soon:

  • Fall Detection Service
  • Pill Reminders
  • Activity Reports

Extended Quality of Life for Your Loved One

Helping Adults & Seniors with Early Stage Dementia Maintain Independence

During the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, patients are still usually active and capable of doing things independently which can be difficult for family members concerned for their well-being.

AngelSense GPS Dementia Tracker allows those with dementia to maintain the quality of life they don’t want to give up while providing peace of mind to those who love them.

My brother with Alzheimer’s uses it to go to his adult program by himself and I can watch him every step of the way. We know he’s safe and he gets his independence. My mom also can see where he is during the day. It’s the best investment and so worth it for the peace of mind it gives us.

Wendy Wendy

Be There When They Need You The Most

SOS Alert, Assistive Speakerphone and Fall Detection

Having difficulty getting up and reaching a phone to get help is a common issue for the elderly. AngelSense GPS Tracker for Seniors includes an Assistive Speakerphone with an SOS Button. All they have to do is press the button and it will either call you or send you a notification that they need help. When you call them the device will answer automatically, so you will always be able to reach them.


I don’t know what I would do without AngelSense. The location alerts have literally been a lifesaver for my father. It is very accurate and lets you know the moment he is not where he is supposed to be.

Thomas Thomas

Always Know Where Your Loved One Is

GPS Tracking with Advanced Emergency Tools

When your loved one has early-stage dementia, it is possible for them to go out by themselves, but there is a chance they could get confused, forget their way home, and get lost. With AngelSense GPS Dementia Tracking Device, you will get a notification as soon as they leave their home, when they arrive to their destination, and when they return home. All the while, you’ll be able to open the app and see exactly where they are on a real-time tracking locator map.

You’ll also see a detailed history of all of their transits and locations during the day, so you can ensure that they are going to their day program, getting exercise, going to therapy, and more.

My Mother-in-Law has Alzheimer’s and we rely on a caregiver to take her to a day program. AngelSense lets us know exactly when she leaves the house, we can instantly see where she is at any given time, and we get notified when she makes it home safely. It’s put our minds at rest and has even helped us catch a not so honest caregiver!

Barry Barry

Wearable GPS for Elderly

Sensory Friendly, Nonremovable & Removable Options

Sleeve - Included

Sleeve - Included

Easily attach AngelSense to clothes, inside pockets, bags/backpacks, or

anywhere you wish with our sensory-friendly sleeve and non-removable pins  

Belt - Optional

Belt - Optional

Our nonremovable belt provides secure wearing that’s easily hidden

and out of the way, it’s sensory-friendly and durable   

Undershirt - Optional

Undershirt - Optional

Undershirt with a compression fit that is sensory-friendly with no labels,

flat seams, and a pocket designed especially for the AngelSense device

Mini Waterproof Pouch - Optional

Mini Waterproof Pouch - Optional

AngelSense wearable GPS device is water-resistant, but for swimming or added protection, our waterproof pouch is perfect.

Band - Optional

Band - Optional

Our sensory-friendly band is easy to put on and comfortable

to wear on the wrist, ankle, or arm

Lanyard - Optional

Lanyard - Optional

For individuals that are independent and will keep the lanyard on. It can also be used as a safety strap/tether secured to a piece of clothing or bag with a fastener.

Watch Band - Optional

Watch Band - Optional

Wear AngelSense like a watch with our Watch Band, allows easy access to the SOS button & speakerphone and is ideal for those comfortable wearing watches

Belt Clip - Optional

Belt Clip - Optional

AngelSense securely snaps into our belt clip to be worn on belts, waistlines, pockets, and on items such as purses or backpacks

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