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Guardian GPS Device

With specially designed attachable sleeve.

“I could tell this device was designed by parents of children with sensory sensitivity and obsessive behavior because my child doesn't even notice it!”
Sandra, Joseph’s Mom
Attach it securely to any garment, pocket or belt

Analytic Server

Continuously monitors your child’s location and alerts on any unexpected changes

Is your child at the right place at the right time?

Web & Mobile App

Provides access to schedule, map and picture views, find child mode and listen-in capabilities

Know when your child is on schedule

Sarah left park at 11:14am

and when they’re not.

It is 2:20pm and Sarah is still at school

Life with AngelSense

Locating a Wandering Child

"We received a text alert from AngelSense that Kelly had left school unexpectedly at 10am. We immediately called her teacher and directed her to Kelly’s location. She was found within minutes. Thank God we had AngelSense!"
James, father of Kelly,
an 8 year-old-child with Autism.

Improving Care

"One day, the new bus driver simply forgot Tyler at school! I received the text alert that he had stayed at school later than usual, so I immediately called school to make sure he was okay, calmed Tyler down and then arranged for someone to pick him up."
Lucy, mother of Tyler,
a 6-year-old child with Autism

Peace of Mind

"I used to worry all the time that people might mistreat Aaron. Now I can see his nanny takes him to fun places, I can listen-in when I'm concerned for his well-being. I'm simply a calmer mom!"
Nancy, mother of Aaron,
a 7-year-old non-verbal child with Autism

Higher level of Independence

"We now let Amy go to nearby places on her own. After taking a solo trip to music class for the first time, she was simply in heaven!"
Rachel, mother of Amy,
a 15-year-old highly functioning teenager with Autism

Wearing the Guardian Tracking Device

Our team has developed a unique accessory specially designed for children with special needs,
taking into account potential obsessive behavior and sensory issues
  • The AngelSense device is placed inside a protective sleeve, made of soft fabric
  • The sleeve is attached to the child’s garment using magnetic fasteners which can be removed only by a magnet key.
  • Before the child gets dressed – the parent attaches the device in its sleeve to the child’s garment (e. g. inside the pants pocket)

The AngelSense Family

AngelSense is a devoted community of families with special needs children.

All of our Customer Care team members are parents of children with special needs. They are passionate users of the product and are happy to assist you with any concerns.

Together we are building a safer world for our children.

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