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5 Exercises for Children with Autism (That Won’t Disturb Their AngelSense Device!)

January 20, 2020
Exercise for Kids with Autism

Exercise for Kids with Autism

Exercise is important for everyone, no matter their age or cognitive ability. However, exercise can be especially transformative for children with autism.

Routine exercise for autism has been proven to relieve stress, decrease the likelihood of emotional meltdowns, improve endurance, flexibility, strength, and more. As your child becomes more active, you’ll see them become more self-assured, calmer, and less likely to engage in erratic behaviors.

If you have an AngelSense Autism GPS Tracker for your child or are thinking about getting one, you might be concerned about displacing it. Below are 5 exercises for your child with autism that won’t disturb their AngelSense device.

Note: AngelSense can be worn in several different ways. The concern here is not that the device will fall off but that the device could rub or bounce unpleasantly against your child with sensory sensitivity. As we explore different autism exercises, we’ll also explain a few ways your child can wear their AngelSense device to avoid this problem.

5 Exercises for Kids with Autism:

Medicine Ball Slam Exercise

We recommend the medicine ball slam to anyone who has difficulty managing their own emotions. This workout is designed to relieve tension, build strength, and work the core all at the same time. Simply have your child hold a medicine ball in their hands, raise it over their head, and slam the ball down onto the ground. (Be sure you’re in a place where it’s OK to do this, like the gym or outside.) Your child will be standing during this exercise so they won’t feel their AngelSense device at all, let alone disturb it.

Kettlebell Exercise for Autism

Kettlebell Exercise for Autism

Kettlebell Deadlift Exercise

Similar to the medicine ball slam, this exercise is performed standing, for most of the time. Have your child stand with their feet about hip-width-distance apart, then place a kettlebell between their feet. To reach it, they’ll need to bend just slightly at the waist and their knees. With straight arms, they’ll grasp the handle of the kettlebell with both hands and bring themselves up to standing again. That’s it! No disturbance to their AngelSense device at all.

Plank Exericses

Push-Ups for Autism Kids

Push-Ups for Autism Kids

Plank is a great way to exercise the core without your child having to lay on their back. Many AngelSense GPS wearable options have the device placed on the back (as with the undershirt) or right above their tailbone (as with the belt), so laying on their back may be uncomfortable for your child in these cases. If you want your child to also be able to do crunches and situps, we recommend investing in workout clothes with pockets and attaching the AngelSense device into a pocket using the sleeve included in the pack.

Push-Up Exercises

Another great autism fitness exercise is pushups. If your child is already in plank, they can just let their arms down, then push themselves up, and voila! They’re doing push-ups! This exercise also keeps your child off of their back, in case they need their AngelSense to be fastened there to keep them from removing it.

Overhead Squat Exercises

The overhead squat also begins in the standing position. Rigorous movement is avoided in this exercise, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s AngelSense device bouncing against them and making them uncomfortable. Have your child grip a weight over their head (this will vary based on their strength, but you can use a bar, kettlebell, medicine ball, a dumbbell in each hand, etc.), then have them do squats.

Squats for Children with Autism

Squats for Children with Autism

As you can see, autism and exercise go hand in hand and can be a valuable addition to your loved one’s life. Another way you can engage your child in fitness without disturbing their AngelSense Tracking Device for Kids is to sign them up to work with a personal trainer who understands their unique needs.

Brought to you by Special Strong – Offering nutrition and fitness programs for kids, teens, and adults with autism and other disabilities. They also provide special needs certification courses for parents and caregivers who want to learn how to incorporate fitness into their special loved one’s life.

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