Support & Stay Connected
to Your Child with Smart Voice

Smart Voice is a new AngelSense feature to schedule and deliver pre-recorded messages to play on your child’s device:
By location, by time, or on demand

<em>By Location:</em> Going to School

By Location: Going to School

Have a wonderful day at school

<em>By Time:</em> 6:00 pm Daily

By Time: 6:00 pm Daily

Don’t forget to lock the door

<em>On Demand: </em>

On Demand:

I’ll call you right back

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AngelSense Smart Voice

Choose The Perfect Device
for Your Loved One

Smart Voice is Available with
All AngelSense Devices

AngelSense Wearable

  • Recomendado para todas las edades con sensibilidades sensoriales
  • Discreto
  • Desgaste no extraíble
  • Variedad de accesorios

Reloj AngelSense

  • Recomendado para jóvenes, adultos y mayores que desean más independencia
  • Elegante
  • Cómodo de llevar
  • Non-removable straps available

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