I have a 6 year old son with autism who has always been a wanderer. With AngelSense I can finally relax again and it gives me such a peace of mind!
Jamie, Kashton’s dad
I love this GPS device for Dane. Peace of mind is everything when you have a special needs child.
Tiffany, Dane’s mom
We took it (AngelSense) to Hawaii last month.. it has provided tremendous peace of mind
Christina N.
We have been using AngelSense since August 2014, fell in love, and still love it. Having the ability to see where our nonverbal son is and know how he is doing at school, on a field trip, with his aide, wherever!….is beyond words. Thank you!!
Tamara, Alex’s mom
We can now send him to school and not worry every second if he has disappeared or wandered off from the playground.
Paula P.A.
Absolutely love this!!!!!
I recommend AngelSsense to every parent who believes their child needs one. I never had so much peace of mind until now.
Mya T.
We tried another product that gave us “incorrect locations”, and I was constantly having to call the caregiver to make sure he was still in sight. AngelSense is one unit that has been living up its name.
Lisa, Daniel’s mom
AngelSense is the best product I ever purchased for my son!
Meghan M.
This is the best product!!!!!
We love ours.
Carol G.
It is like another set of ears and eyes for me, which has been really comforting
Natasha, Jaeden’s mom
I’m loving ours!!! We went camping over the weekend and did you know, I knew exactly where he was at the campground!!! I saw him at the lake, the pool, ice cream stand and playground!!! I can even see where in the building he is in school!! I highly recommend angelsense!!!
Tracy D.
I believe AngelSense saved my daughter’s life
Kathy, Genny’s mom

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