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GPS 2 Wearing accessories

Note: GPS 1 (AT&T device) guidance is available here 


The starter kit comes with the AngelSense device inside a silicone splash proof case with a protective sleeve that is used to secure the device to the child’s clothing and to prevent the child from tampering with the device.


The sleeve comes with tamper-proof fasteners and a magnetic key to release the fasteners.


Here’s a short video showing the wearing options and some of the different options they allow.


Other wearing accessories are available:



Accessories, replacement devices, as well as voice minutes can be purchased in the AngelSense Store by Primary Guardians, which is available from the app’s main Menu, under “My Account”:


Accessories are nonrefundable and not returnable, including the undershirt and belt. Please make sure you use the size charts and measure carefully.


AngelSense Blog: 

How Can Kids with Special Needs Wear a Personal GPS Tracker?

Wearable personal GPS trackers usually come in the form of GPS bracelets and watches, because what could be more convenient than wearing a lightweight gadget around your wrist, right? Wrong! Read more…

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