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Top Autism Influencers Love AngelSense GPS Safety Device

May 20, 2020

There is only one GPS Tracker for Autism and that’s AngelSense. Top autism influencers know that when it comes to keeping their children safe, standard trackers just don’t cut it. In fact, AngelSense is so much more than a GPS tracker, it is a comprehensive safety & well-being device specially designed for those with autism and special needs.

autism daddy testimonial

The Autism Daddy Relies on AngelSense to Keep His Son Safe

Frank Campagna, AKA The Autism Daddy, has been using AngelSense for 5 years to protect his now 16 year old son with severe, nonverbal autism who he loving refers to as ‘the king.’ He started a blog to share his experiences – the good, the bad, & the ugly – with others facing the challenges of raising a child with autism. He has often shared with his blog & Facebook fans just how much the safety device has changed his life. Frank is also a producer for Sesame Street and participated in their initiative to include autism content and introduce Julia, a character with autism.

In an interview with our community manager, Frank shares advice on how to tackle life when your child is on the autism spectrum and how to approach it as a marathon, not a sprint. He also shared, how AngelSense allowed him to send his son to an amazing school where he has to take a school bus. He loves the Saferide Monitoring feature that is unique to AngelSense and is the only product that allows parents to see the exact route for each and every bus ride, the speed the bus is going, if the bus breaks down or makes an unexpected stop. Many parents, including Frank, use the Assitive Speakerphone, also unique to AngelSense, to listen in and make sure their child is ok and not having a meltdown or being bullied. You can watch the interview here.

finding coopers voice - AngelSense Review

Autism Mom Kate from Finding Cooper’s Voice Can’t Say Enough Good Things About AngelSense

Kate’s son Cooper has severe, nonverbal autism and her popular blog has created a safe place for parents to come together and “celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child.” She has shared a few times with her online community, Coop’s Troops, about why she loves AngelSense and how superior it is to other GPS devices. Watch her full review

Autism GPS Tracker Review - AngelSense

Mama Fry from Autism with a Side of Fries Explains Importance of Using AngelSense

The autism community has fallen in love with Eileen Shaklee, better known as Mama Fry, who shares her life and experiences raising her ‘kiddo’ with autism. She’s honest, real, and parents in the same situation can completely relate to her. She only promotes products she uses & truly loves, and one of those products is the AngelSense GPS Tracker for Autism. Over the years she’s shared many of her experiences using the safety device that her son will wear “until the end of time.” Here’s an unpaid video she made to address concerns parents had with GPS trackers & why her son wears AngelSense – Watch it Here

When it comes to keeping her son safe, Mama Fry relies on her son’s AngelSense GPS safety device. Whether it’s tracking the school bus and now monitoring him while he is at his work program, the peace of mind she gets is invaluable. Other trackers don’t have the safety features needed for children with autism.

GPS Tracker for ASD Review - AngelSense

Dr. Kerry Magro Loves Our AngelSense Family

Professional speaker, author, and autism advocate, Dr. Kerry Magro is known for educating people on Autism Spectrum Disorder and sharing inspiring stories of success in his A Special Community initiative. As someone diagnosed with ASD, he wishes there was a product like AngelSense around when he was growing up and had issues with wandering. One of the things he loves most about AngelSense, is that it is designed specifically for those with autism and special needs and that the Co-Founders and most of the employees, including the entire customer care team have special needs family members. “Knowing that they truly understand and care, sets AngelSense a part.” See his Full Review

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