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Have a Wonderful School Year, My Sweet Nicky

September 8, 2015

Mother holds the hand of her child

A beautiful letter written by Maylene Klein to her son, Nicky – a special needs 12 year-old boy.

Maylene is an AngelSense GPS and Voice Monitoring Solution expert user and Customer Care specialist.


Dear Nicky,

As summer draws to a close, a new beginning is in store for you, my sweet boy.

People are naturally drawn to you. Words cannot compare to the sparkle in your eyes and the warmth of your smile.

School is an adventure waiting to be explored. Each day brings with it a little more independence. From recognizing the letters of the alphabet to learning to read, this road you are traveling will teach you wondrous things. When you are coloring a picture I see you try so hard to stay within the lines. Remember, my sweet boy, sometimes a picture will become even more beautiful if you ignore those lines and let yourself shine through.


As you grow, you continuously amaze everyone with all of your hidden talents. You have come so far on your journey, and the road was often filled with bumps, hills, and even mountains that you needed to overcome. Now, your path seems clear. That’s not to say there won’t be challenges, but you are strong. I know you will persevere because you have proven yourself so many times in the past. If you ever feel discouraged, remember that your support team always has your back. Above all, you can always count on me. After all, I am your biggest fan.

As I anticipate what this new school year has in store for you, I am so excited to watch you grow and develop new skills.

I know how much you love school and being around your friends. As we enter the building, your enthusiasm can be felt by those around you. Your classmates can’t wait to see you and call out your name as they see you pass by in the hallway.

You are included.

Have a wonderful new school year, my sweet Nicky.



After searching for a solution for her younger son Nicky, who was prone to wandering, Maylene found the AngelSense solution for her family. It gave her a great deal of peace of mind, and she wanted to help other special needs parents gain that same peace of mind too, so she joined the AngelSense Team as a Customer Care specialist.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your back to school wishes for your special child.


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